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Thursday, March 30, 2006
This election, if anything, has not only proven that sound bites have shrunk to the length of single word, but if something fails or is unpopular, don’t fix it – rename it.

For those that haven’t caught on yet, disengagement was a failure, for every reason, and even its implementers know it.

The solution? We now have a “Convergence” plan. The difference? Nothing, except that the name that is linked to failure (disengagement) is replaced with a clean word (convergence) that carries no baggage (yet).

And Kadima? Failures and rejects from their party. Sharon destroyed the Likud from the inside. Destroyed its name, destroyed its reputation, and destroyed its standing in the public’s eye. So instead we have Kadima. And what is Kadima? The same exact people that brought us ‘disengagement’ and other problems merely repackaged under a different name.

It was only a matter of time that after disengagement convergence the Katushya Convergence Rockets would begin to fall, but now at least we have a new name for voter apathy, it called, well we don’t have a new name, because no one even needs to repackage it, the public doesn't care enough for it to warrant a new name.


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

The "elections" show clearly that a great many in Israel are simply sick and tired of the elite that monopolizes power in the country. Voting makes no difference. One way or another, self-hating Jews are to remain in power, and to impose their self-destructing policies upon all.
It is time, it is OVERDUE, things have to change by different means.
Enough said!

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