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Friday, March 31, 2006
Here is the actual story as written by the participant. I've erased certain details for security reasons.

Friday afternoon I was on my way home, I stopped by the Gilo trempiada to pick up anyone going to Efrat.

A lady in her 40's gets in and says she is going to Efrat. She had the appearance of a nice Jewish women (Tichel on the head and all) and spoke fluent Hebrew!
So I picked her up and started driving.

As I was driving something felt wrong, I turned and asked the women what her destination was, she answered "derech Efrat", I asked her to specify a yishuv and she kept quiet, at this point I became very suspicious and asked her if she was Jewish, She said yes and so I kept driving.

I then took a wild guess and asked her if she needed to get to Bet Lechem?, She said YES!!

I swerved my car to the shoulder, jumped out and told her she has ten seconds to get out of my car, I was counting down with one hand on my gun. She started getting out and saying that I was embarrassing her and that she was Jewish!!

I of course was feeling embarrassed and very confused! I asked for her Teudat Zehut, she answered that she does not have it with her! I once again asked if she was Jewish and this time she told me she was an Arab woman!

After several seconds of yelling at this woman, I told what the difference between a Jew and an Arab is! "YOU GUYS BLOW UP AND MURDER!!!!"

I immediately called a local security official who instructed me to have this woman open her bags to make sure she was not carrying a bomb! I ordered her to rip open all five bags she was carrying and dump them on the sidewalk.

She complained and yelled a little but I made it very clear I was not fooling around! After several seconds she started dumping her clothes out on the sidewalk!

After being sure she was not carrying any weapons I ordered her to get back into the car and that I was taking her to the nearest checkpoint! She got back in and I sped to the nearest Machsom! I jumped out and approached the MAGAVNICK with this story!

I was FUMING (after what happened the day before in kedumim!) This woman has some nerve!

The Magav told me that he will escort me to the Bet Lechem base where they will arrest the woman!

I arrived at the base and told the Magav that I will stick around till this woman is arrested! He then asked her for a Teudat Zehut and she pulls out a green Palestinian ID!
She then turns to me and says - " Toda Raba" - I turned to her and said - When you sick Muslims stop blowing people up I might take you in my car - till then keep your mouth shut!!!

The Magav came back after 20 minutes and said to me the following " this woman broke the law and we will therefore arrest her, but you too broke the law!"

In disbelief I replied....WHAT?!

The Magav looked me straight in the eyes and says: "You were transporting a palestinian without a permit!!!!"

I was in completes shock!

I looked this guy back in the eye and said " put the cuffs on! I would love to stand in front of the judge and explain this!!"

He then tells me that I can go and they will deal with the woman!

I say NO WAY!! I am here to make sure you don't let this woman go!!

The magav turns to me and says..."go home"! I left out of total disbelief!!!

If you are waiting for a tremp or are picking someone up ASK ABOUT ANY SUSPICIONS YOU HAVE!! Dont be shy or you might be DEAD!!
I had a bad feeling making a woman empty her belongings - BUT - that's because I am Jewish!!! AND THAT"S EXACTLY WHAT THE ARABS ARE BETTING ON!!!
This case is exactly what " Lerachem al achzarim" means!!!!


haKiruv said...

That's very interesting. I don't think I have what it takes ot live in Israel. I'm too much of a wimp.

Anonymous said...

I see a good point to this -

Demanding to be arrested is most likely the best possible thing he could have done. Bravo!

We should call them out at any given opportunity - this passing of the buck by the policeman is standard operating procedure: "You're in big trouble, so go turn youself in, because I can't be bothered to go through the paperwork that might get my name in the papers for something so inane and ridiculous that even my family would want to disown me."

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Joe, I see you did a full update...

Did your friend here by any chance get the mispar of the magavnik?

Anonymous said...

Thank God she had no bomb.Too bad to all the trampistin now.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d the Machsom Watch wasn't there, otherwise the driver might have been arrested for harassing the Arab woman! A good tip that often works is before picking up someone about whom you don't know their identity, try engaging them in short conversation. Most Arabs can't differentiate between the B and P sounds [Beit and Peh], they'll say 'Brachim' instead of 'Prachim' for flowers, for example. Although not foolproof, it often works!

DeDe said...

Okay, I've lived in the shtachim (Elkana) before, at the height of the matsav (2001-2002), so I've been there and really don't think I'm so naive.....but this post really bothered me.
I know the mind-numbing fear when you think for some reason that your life is in danger. I sympathize with where you're coming from. But what I'm not clear on is, what was this woman's crime? She had no weapon, she didn't threaten you, what should she have been arrested for? You make it seem like all Arabs are terrorists and one should never be in a car with an Arab--what about the hundreds of Arab cab drivers in Israel? Yes, this woman lied, and yes, it's a crazy climate given the pigua last week, but it sounds to me like she was really trying to get home. She turned out to be innocent--not a terrorist, simply a woman weighed down with many bags, in Israel for whatever reason--not a crime if she legally passed the checkpoint to get in, FYI. She lied to you because she knew she'd never get a ride otherwise, and you proved her right tenfold.

JoeSettler said...

What was this woman’s crime?

Maybe nothing or maybe everything.

1) To begin with there is a regular Arab run bus service from Jerusalem to the Bethlehem suburbs along Route 60 (where she wanted to go), it stops 20 meters after the hitchhiking post that the woman was waiting at and it runs better than Egged. There is no shortage of transportation possibilities – unless she was also in Jerusalem illegally.

2) This occurred immediately after the Kedumim terrorist attack where the terrorist dressed up as a Jew, and tried to enter into one settlement to blow up inside, and in the end tricked the driver into letting him hitchhike in his car in an attempt to get into another settlement.

This lady dressed up as a Jew. This lady even claimed to be a Jew. You can choose to be naïve, or you can choose to be alive.

3) Just because she did not have a bomb on her this time, does not mean she was not doing a trial run to see if she could get away with it, or that whomever sent her wasn’t testing to see what they can get away with.

4) If she is innocent the security services will find out. If she was doing a trial run the security services with find out. Period.

5) This was not overly publicized, but last week a family in Efrat were held hostage by 3 Arab thieves who surprised them and robbed their house.
From where do you think the thieves knew what section to rob, where to go, and how to get around inside Efrat? They have insiders who are legal workers who feed them all the information and some of the thieves may very well be some of the workers themselves.

It is very well known that the Arabs use innocent looking people (and even ambulances) for information gathering, smuggling, and trial runs.

I she was in Jerusalem legally and didn’t sneak in past a roadblock meant to stop terrorists, then she had a number of legal and even free methods of getting home. She instead masqueraded as a Jew which raises a number of very serious questions and suspicions.If she snuck in illegally, then it is important for the security services to know how to prevent a bomber from doing the same.

The driver did the right thing.

JoeSettler said...

By the way, you are assuming she turned out to be innocent...

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

Unknown said...

The driver did the right thing and the wrong thing.
1: It was the right thing to stop and call the police but....
2: Be careful when aproching a magavnik. magav isnt what it used to be. when aproching a magavnik make sure he is high ranking (rasal or above) or kachene. chag samach and be careful.

Anonymous said...

I swerved my car to the shoulder, jumped out and told her she has ten seconds to get out of my car, I was counting down with one hand on my gun.


After several seconds of yelling at this woman, I told what the difference between a Jew and an Arab is! "YOU GUYS BLOW UP AND MURDER!!!!"

oy vey! what can I say?

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