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Friday, March 03, 2006
Peretz said that the Arabs and Palestinians (there’s a difference?) are not our enemy, terrorism is. Personally I wonder who he thinks voted for Hamas.

In an unusual twist, Zim came to the aid of the Dubai Ports World, saying they sail into DPW’s ports all the time (not under the Israeli flag though) and they are one of DPW’s biggest customers. If I were DPW I don’t know how I’d feel being outed like that, even for my own benefit.

NU-NRP went clubbing last night and handed out postcards. Each postcard apparently had a picture of a geeky religious settler family with 10 kids (or something like that) and said at the bottom, “Do you really want them as your neighbor?” I guess that is one way to turn the fear factor to your favor and stop another potential disengagement.

Olmert said he gave orders to act with an "Iron Fist" against Arab Palestinian terrorist terror attacks. If only he put in half as much effort as he did in Amona, terrorism would be wiped out worldwide.

Again the Arabs Palestinians terrorists attempted another megaterror attack from Gaza. Again hitting inside the Ashkelon power plant and injuring some workers and this time caused (unspecified) damage to the station and an explosion.

Kadima and Olmert keep dropping in the polls, but not yet fast enough.

And there were the usual roundup of Molotov cocktails, stonings, and attempted knivings.

Shabbat Shalom from the Holy Land.


Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

I wouldn't do either...just continue living and struggling here...that's, in my understandin the best one can do.

Regarding Amona and the bombings, you're rigt, Joe. We need to learn to love ourselves as much as we love our neighbors!


Anonymous said...

'usual roundup'.
We better do something quick.
We need more jews -not israelis.

Ezzie said...

DPW actually said so themselves in an article about Zim...

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