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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
The initial exit polls are coming in, and beyond portraying the mass voter apathy, it is pretty clear that any sort of strong ‘right-wing’ bloc is not even close. Lieberman’s party already declared their willingness to join Qadima, Labor obviously wants to join, and the evening’s surprise, the Pensioner’s party said they have no ideological stance beyond their one issue, so whoever takes care of them gets their support (actually they have a stance and it is Left, read 3.2 and 3.3. hattip Robert Klein).

The Ultra-Orthodox parties Aguda/Degel and Shas both did slightly better than expected, but they will also go with Qadima for the money. They won't get as much as they wanted perhaps because Qadima doesn't really need them anymore, but they'll get their bone for keeping quiet during the next disengagement.

After the Likud’s devastation, we can expect a coup against Netanyahu, and if it succeeds Silvan will probably try to bring the Likud into Qadima (which will just make the party disappear).

The NRP NU is already trying to blame their poor less than expected showing on Baruch Marzel whose unity attempt they spurned. Oh please.

On the other hand, Qadima did very well, but not well enough to get the 100% free hand it wanted (just 95%).

Labor and the Pensioner’s party did very well, which shows that economic issues are now going to take the forefront, unfortunately I hope this isn’t a step backwards towards an even larger government, more government interference, and of course higher taxes, but it may very well be. (Shitreet thinks a 200% tax on cars is a good thing).

It may very well be that the government will be so busy raising our taxes to create economic equality (everyone equally poor?) that it will be too busy to waste the time throwing me out of my home in exchange for Katushya (that’s right the Gazans launched their first Iranian Katushya rocket today into Ashkelon) rockets. Aren't we glad the censors did not let that get published until the polls were nearly closed?

Oh well.

The counting of the votes will continue until the morning and they'll also start to count the soldier's votes.

Time to go to sleep and see what changes by the morning (I don't expect much, maybe Alei Yarok will get in after all).


JoeSettler said...

I want to add that I am glad I voted Marzel. Unfortunately, he didn't get in, but I voted for the party I felt would best represent my positions and protect this country.

For those that were worried that my vote would be wasted, I think it is pretty clear that there isn't even close to potential Right-wing bloc, as I unfortunately correctly predicted.

I am upset at the vicious campaigns and rumors that the religious and the right-wing parties ran against him.

So while the religious parties jump on the Kadima bandwagon to get their munchies, and the NU/NRP is left outside (until the NRP splits) with the Arab parties, and perhaps with what is left of the Likud (if they don't dump Bibi and join up too) my conscience is (and was) clear, unfortunately it looks like, so might be my house.

The NU had better do some serious soul searching and consider what it will do next and try to create some healing dialogue with the religious parties (and Marzel), otherwise things are really going to get very bad.

Anonymous said...

Joe: You declare that you are "upset at the vicious campaigns and rumors that the religious and the right-wing parties ran against [Marzel]". Yet you yourself are continuing to perpetuate one of those very rumors.

You say that "the NRP/NU is already trying to blame their poor/less than expected showing on Baruch Marzel whose unity attempt they spurned". Why are you promoting the claim that Marzel made such a unity attempt, when he himself categorically denies this? Here is Marzel's answer to this claim in his own words:

"The nonsensical claim they are trying to pin on me, as if I wanted to join the NRP, is an audacious lie with no small amount of fraud. The one contact that they are hanging on took place when I complied with the request of the rabbis to meet with Effie Eitam, when his whole purpose was to use the meeting in order to justify a claim of my desire to join the NRP. Aside from all the name-calling that Effie Eitam directed at his rivals, such as Orlev, there were no agreements made, other than general talk of a 'technical block' between NRP and Hazit."

Anonymous said...

that is true, but Marzel did try to get the NU to join with him

JoeSettler said...

Congratulations. Marzel made the initial overture and was spurned. At least you got the history right.

Meanwhile those on the Right (And Religious) made concentrated campaign efforts to neutralize him, even to the point of posting false advertisements that he dropped out, and purposely misquoting certain Rabbis by saying they said not to vote for him (which they did not).

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