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Monday, March 27, 2006
I've been contemplating how to work in Shitreet's "Kadima has no ideology" into a post.

We all know that that isn't really true. Kadima members do have an ideology, it's called holding on to your seats and betraying your voters for your own self-advancement.

But I guess that doesn't translate well into a campaign slogan, "Vote Kadima, We only believe in advancing ourselves".

We know that they don't have any pretenses to being honest.

A friend just pointed out this link in the Israeli business paper Globes.

Apparently Kadima's Shitreet, as Minister of Transportation, blatantly tried to replace a senior and seasoned employee in the Ministry of Transportation's computer department with someone who by the guy's own admission doesn't know the first thing about computers.

Can we say "Political Appointment"?

The former employee sued and got her job back.

Has an investigation been called for? Are the rest of the newspapers publishing op-eds on Shitreets corruption? No and no.

I'm certainly glad that Shitreet's admits to a complete lack of ideology, because it just wouldn't have been clear by examining his actions and deeds.

Dear Reader, Whomever you choose to vote for, go for it, just not Kadima.


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