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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Ehud Barak is in a funny position. Politically he is quite close to Obama, but he also represents the Israeli government and thus he quite opposes Obama too.

Tomorrow morning (US time), Barak will be meeting with US Envoy George "No more Jewish Births" Mitchell. The question on everyone's mind is what position will Barak take.

(He's bringing along Dan Meridor, the most far Left Likudnk in the bunch).

Whether the events of the past 2 days are coincidence or not (sure), Israel has made it very clear that they don't think much of Obama and Hillary's demands on the subject of settlement freezes and cessation, as well as the Obama administration's backtracking on previous understandings with Israel.

In the past 2 days Israel announced plans to expand new housing starts in Ma'aleh Adumim, Givat Ze'ev and Adam (though in part by moving the Migron residents into the expanded Adam village).

I don't think the message can be more explicit or "in your face" than that. (Much better than that Obama shoe picture).

Except perhaps when Netanyahu canceled his meeting with Mitchell and sent Barak to talk to him in his place.

So with Obama failing (politically an morally) on every troubled international arena he's playing in right now (Iran, Honduras, North Korea, Iraq, etc.), and going back on agreements and understandings with previous Israeli administrations (including one Netanyahu was a part of) Netanyahu has become emboldened to do more right things than wrong things (so far).

The Obama administration even seems to be taken aback by the ferocity of response by the average Israeli on the street who for the most part doesn't trust Obama and thinks his positions are anti-Israeli.

Altogether, with Israel putting forth such a united front, the State Department spokesman has started to hem and haw, talking about negotiations on the US positions and taking a "wait and see" attitude on the upcoming meeting.

Unfortunately rumor has it, that Barak may offer a 3 month freeze - whatever that actually means, as we are currently under a freeze, which has slowed down new construction significantly.

But the question still remains, who will Ehud Barak represent? His personal political viewpoint, or the governments? (And obviously just what is the government's position?)

And still it would be nice to see Obama do yet another flip flop and "clarification" of what he really meant. Just for the amusement factor.

(Why would Netanyahu offer a 3 month freeze and restart talks with the Palestinian enemy for nothing?

Because Obama has linked dealing with Iran to "Peace progress", and this will remove Obama's stated objections to dealing with Iran - which is existential threat number 1 to Israel right now.

And that will push Obama into a corner to either act, or prove that he is not a trustworthy ally, and then all cards are off the table.)


Anonymous said...


"But the question still remains, who will Ehud Barak represent? His personal political viewpoint, or the governments? (And obviously just what is the government's position?)"




JoeSettler said...

Simply, will he be able to overcome his strong, natural inclination to agree with Obama

JoeSettler said...

Article detailing the different positions of the various ministers

Carol_Herman said...


Off topic, but "obvious." Michael Jackson's sperm wasn't use to make his 3 kids. He had a "helper." (And, when he was young? He probably took hormones to keep his voice from changing.) But back then? Nobody asked any questions.

Now, back on topic. Today DEBKA said "Obama wants to knock Bibi out of the prime minister's chair, so Ehud Barak can jump into it. HELLO! Labor doesn't have enough seats to be in any ballgame. The only reason Ehud Barak is in the Defense portfolio; has to do with actions taken ... when Bibi was out of government. And, Livni's seat was shaken loose.

I don't see Livni returning to power any time soon. Just as I don't see Arik Sharon ever waking up from his coma.

Yes, Obama "plays" with Israel. Still looking to better his acceptance among people who didn't even vote for him in the first place. To groups that did vote for Obama? They've been told to drink the poison.

I don't see Obama as all that successful. I see him with a broken teleprompter. And, other than the fact that the elite media drool, I don't see him making any gains.

If this were basketball? You'd see soon enough that with all of Obama's fancy steps, he can't shoot into the basket. And, he can't, these days, even do good set ups.

In other words? It could have been worse for Bibi. Except that NOW, because of the American pressure, Bibi has gained political traction. And, Obama has no idea what an Israeli is. To Obama? All Jews are academics; who can get beaten up. And, who don't complain. While many American Jews can't even identify their town's rabbi. I kid you not.

The more you think things stay the same, the more different they are.

And, how can you take a country seriously, when in Congress, there was a "moment of silence" for Michael Jackson. I kid you not!

Barak will accomplish STAYING IN OFFICE! He came in behind Livni. And, he out-foxed her!

As to what Barak says? He's a student of the art of saying things that don't amount to much. Just as in one of his acts of heroism, he got into Beirut. Dressed as a brunette. Got to his target. And, got home from a successful mission.

These days? He doesn't have to wear a dress to the White House. But he's not about to make mistakes. While, yes. I think he gets a closer look at Obama, and the ballerina with the filthy mouth; who guides Obama's programs.

After you deal with arabs, this new gig has its amusements.

Anonymous said...


The "peace process" is like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit into the picture. There's this "space."

Why, after Oslo failed, and Israelis tossed Peres out of any safe seat you'd get through elections; And, of course, Rabin was killed. Why has Israel traveled the "peace process" line, as if it was Cunard?

Arik Sharon got a stroke from playing the "peace game" with Dubya. This process should be laying in the bed right next to Arik SHaron! It's BRAIN DEAD, too.

Instead? It's some sort of diplomatic "passage." And, I don't know why.

Livni didn't carry the day, either.

As a matter of fact, she, too, has disappeared from her claim that she deserved to be prime minister; at least part of the time.

Is it possible the "peace process" is just a game? Livni keeps thinking she's gonna "get a 3:00am call." Lieberman will be tossed from government. And, Livni and her Kadimi party thieves of ministers, will come back into the money pot?

Gee. I'm missing something, here.

Perhaps? (And, I do give Bibi credit for being clever.) At some point the arabs will have to do "more" than say "they're about to withdraw their offer from the table." Take it. Or leave it.

Take it or leave it is not a negotiation tactic.

While, there ya go. Israel keeps playing the "DEAD CAT ON YOUR DOORSTEP" game, invented by James Baker.

Other than that? I keep turning over this piece. And, it doesn't bring peace to the puzzle. It hangs out there.

Sure, any millstone you hang around Obama's neck will do the world a favor. Do ya think that's why the game gets played?

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