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Saturday, June 06, 2009
What an interesting article.

The mother of a former senior Suicide Bombmaker Yahya Ayyash ('The Engineer') has words of praise for the IDF. Yahya Ayyash killed over 100 Jews and injured many more.

Talking about the PA police, she said, "They behaved in a shameful way; when the Jews come, they ask for permission and cry out before they enter a house."

Continuing on she added, Abbas's security forces acted in a "barbaric" manner and did not take into account that women and children were sleeping inside the house. (Which the IDF does).

And she finishes off with "They [PA Police] left behind a lot of damage. Even a copy of the Koran was not spared."

Which of course surprised her, because the IDF is very respectful of religious articles - even when chasing after genocidal mass murderers like her son.


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