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Sunday, June 21, 2009
Are Iranian officials still invited to US Embassy 4th of July Barbecues this year?


Anonymous said...


On July 4th Obama will still be eating scoops of vanilla ice cream. With his children.

While over in italy, they now have another hit on their prime minister's sex life gone awry. PLUS, the G-8 meeting. Where iran has been invited.

So, "SHOWDOWN" in the "OLD CORRAL" will appear before July 4th. The G-8'ers are meeting this week. In Italy.

And, the europeans have already diqualified Ahmadinijad's victory. When this whole thing unravels, you'll see he lost the first time, back in 2005. And, this time he came in 3rd!

What took those towel-headed religious lunatics by surprise was the TURNOUT for their pre-selected dreck.

The show ahead? You'll see. There's gonna be pressure to do another election in iran. (Even, if like Katsav, the lawyers are hired just to drag their feet.) What does it matter? Legal shinanigans are nothing new.

Obama's teleprompter is being worked on as we speak. He knows he is in trouble. But he can't figure out how to behave differently. And, ya know what? With Jimmy Carter calling him and giving him advice? Obama's got worse staff writers than David Letterman. Kapish?

Anonymous said...


No. The iranians have been disinvited to the hot dog feast being thrown by Obama.

However, the iranians never RSVP'd.

While in politics, just like in advertrisements for Calvin Klein jeans; even if you have to remove your sexual fantasy ads from public display. The images get burned into the psyche.

Think of this as a business tool.

Obama came out, and right away said he was going to "solve the Mideast arguments," by telling Israel where to draw lines. Oh. And, then he was going to get "prizes" with which he could then go into iran, and give to the "divine." Actually, it's the tooth fairy.

And, ya know what? Obama has no teeth to leave for the tooth fairy. He's just been blown full of hot air.

Might have been shorn of his coattails in the bargain. Not that it will stop the press from hyping him. Though they're currently busy with Michael Jackson.

When celebrity-hood replaces God in the equation; it's like vaudeville. Just because it's here, doesn't mean it will be here t'marra.

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