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Saturday, June 06, 2009
Some people seem to be upset that in Cairo, Obama stated that the Jews connection to Israel is related to the Holocaust, while completely ignoring our 3300 year history with our land.

(Others were upset that he compared the self-inflicted suffering of the Arabs with the Holocaust, but that is the subject for a different post).

In response, the Obama administration stated that he has mentioned the Jews ties to the land of Israel in the past, so there was no reason to reiterate it here.

I'm not going to discuss if there was or wasn't a reason to reiterate it here, because I am simply unaware of any other time he may have mentioned it at all! (and if someone has a link, I'll be glad to see it).

In fact, when interviewed by the Jerusalem Post, and specifically asked about the historical ties of Jews to our homeland, he quite pointedly ignored the question and didn't answer it.

If anything is clear to me, it is that Obama does not believe that Jews have any historical ties to the Land of Israel.

But I would love for someone to show me where he (not one of his anonymous official) has said so in a major (or even minor) speech.


Anonymous said...


Basically, Obama is touting the "saudi plan." A plan that's been rejected numerous times! While Hillary Clinton is saying "that's the agreement the Israelis have already accepted and signed."

Where are all the guarantees that the palestinians would do anything about terror?

What Obama said is that since the Jews stole pali land, the "resistance" is fair and square. And, has America's backing.

Now, of course, comes TIME.

Obama is growing a list where he's also mad at Angela Merkel. Because, when he was running for president, she turned down his big Brandenburg gate speech in Berlin. He had to find another venue.

As to what's really going on; it turns out that Rahm Emanual took part, back in 1996, when he worked for Bill Clinton, to push Bibi out of government. They, perhaps, were hoping for a big labor win. And, instead, Arik Sharon won.

At this new election, the Israeli populace, which can be very divided when it comes to voting; made a choice. And, Bibi WON. You may want to say Livni won. Since Kadima got 28 seats, to Bibi's 27.

Up ahead, all Bibi has to do is WAIT. Time will produce other headlines. And, there's no need to get into a "disagreement" that's been SET UP!

Jimmy Carter also thought he was more popular than Reagan. But he lost after one term.

The elder Bush also lost after one term.

Politics is learning how to count.

In America, you win the whole thing if you just achieve a bit above 50% of all the votes. In this environment, structuring messages that appeal to most voters, has been tossed. STEALING IS IN. ACORN IS IN. And, Obama tossed $20-trillion-dollars, which we really don't have; to his friends. There's no common sense, or even a common interest, right now, in Washington, DC.

And, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Or as my mom used to say: MAN PLANS AND GOD LAUGHS.

As to the Saud's, and their desire to push Israel back into the 1948 borders, what can I say? Here, Bibi can't do it, because Israelis would revolt. And, he'd lose at the polls.

So far? Obama hasn't forced an Israeli election, yet.

Have patience. For Bibi, right now, the less said the better. I say this because Obama is more than welcome to all the rope he wants to take. And, if Obama is at least popular, Hillary is not.

Even if you expect the worst, Israel doesn't have to lose! Just as LBJ once went crazy, in May 1967, and screamed at Eshkol not to dare to use military force. Guess who lost the political match? Need help? LBJ didn't attempt to run, again, in 1968. Vietnam swallowed his re-election chances.

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