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Sunday, June 07, 2009
If you happened to read the Jerusalem Post on Thursday, you would have seen the article entitled, "American-born bloggers vent anger at Obama online".

Unfortunately fame just seems to always sidestep JoeSettler as others continue to get credit for my words.

The article says,
Exactly what alternative reality does the president of the United States live in?" asked the blog "The Muqata" in response to Obama's assertion on French TV. "Perhaps it's time he learns how to Google on his Blackberry."

The Muqata, which is sardonically named after the Palestinian Authority compound in Ramallah where former PLO leader Yasser Arafat is entombed, is also one of the leading American-Israeli blogs based in Israel. The anonymous author, who uses the nomme de blog "Jameel Rashid," is an American transplant to Israel, who expounds on all things Israel, with an emphasis on the West Bank and Jewish settlements there.


Except that the anonymous author who wrote those remarks on the Muqata was once again... JoeSettler.


Anonymous said...


Kisses on your head. I love your blog. And, today, up at Instapundit, THE YID WITH A LID got on the list of the 100 BEST POLITICAL BLOGS.

And, the "Americans" aren't necessarily Jewish! It's just that the Internet is now the place to go for breaking news.

Take it from Drudge. He doesn't look to be on "lists." He knows people come his way. And, he also knows that Obama did NOT have such a terrific trip to Cairo!

I've also come to the conclusion that Obama is HENPECKED. At least Bill Clinton picked up sympathy from Americans when he fooled around with Monica. Because so many people believed Hillary to be an un-deserving SHREW.

Politics is a hardball exercise between two teams. And, in AMerica there's a slug fest at the 50+/50- line. The democrats steal better. But if enough people vote against Obama; soon enough the game will change hands. And, stealing won't amount to anything more than spitting into the ocean.

You know, there are consequences. Even if it feels that democrats can get away with anything.

For example: Bill Clinton will never lose his reputation for being a sexual pervert and jerk.

While in Israel, Katsav, who did less, paid a heavy price.

Also, ahead? By September, Olmert's "funny business" gets exposed.

You think news stays the same?

I don't.

And, Bibi, by not getting angry, can be PROFESSIONAL.

Obama? Far from "professional." He's exposed his entire hand.

Want me to pass the watermelon?

Leora said...

Oh, poor Joe Settler. Gets a good line quoted, and Jameel gets credit. Keep on going, despite the media's booboos.

JoeSettler said...

I don't mind actually, as long as my message gets out there.

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