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Sunday, June 28, 2009
It is often said that state lotteries are taxes on the stupid. Every day millions of people plop down their hard-earned money for a minute chance of striking it rich.

But that method has since been replaced as the preferred tool for milking the stupid.

Every week or so I get an email from Obama's staff asking me to support one of his new programs against whoever his latest straw man happens to be that is fighting him.

And at the end of nearly every email is a request for $5 to help support Obama.

In the latest email I got, Obama is now asking for $30 for your support and in exchange you get a limited edition t-shirt that tells the world you're a sucker.

He'll get his money.


Daniel said...

why do you get those e-mails? you weren't a supporter were you?

JoeSettler said...

Before the elections I signed up with all the candidates so I could stay informed.

Obama was the only one who sent out emails (and on a regular basis no less).

His rhetoric and marketing skills are astounding.

Anonymous said...


Alas, Obama only says thanks to the Saud's.

And, more people than you can count wouldn't even give him two-cents. Let alone $5.

What Obama may really be doing, however, is "change the character" of what makes a democrat, vote. In other words? Jimmy Carter's trick. Where democrats couldn't run fast enough into the GOP tent. Thereby electing Ronald Reagan president.

You should also know that inside the GOP tent, they had assumed Ronald Reagan was "too old to win." And, they decided they could run him, since it's written in democrapic text books, that ALL presidents win their re-elections.

It could be worse. People could actually become a fan, here, like they did become the fans of POP. But that also burst. (You think Michael Jackson was able to sing, anymore?) Did you know his "handlers" raised $85-million-dollars in pre-ticket sales. Ya gotta wonder where those who bought tickets can go for their refunds.

That Obama raises money? (Yup. Just like you can "raise" votes from the dead.) Over-hyped. Wait till he turns around, in 2010. And, then, you can tell me if he has coattails. Or not.

Anonymous said...


The conundrum of political mistakes. Like Haim Ramone sticking his tongue down a female's throat. No one asks if her lips were parted. Only that his tongue fell in.

Why? Because politicians just can't help themselves.

And, so, too, it goes for the democraps, who had been out of power to the repooplicans for a dozen years. And, they grab hold of the "process." Knocking out GOP kiesters from "seats on the hill."

But do they learn? No. Because none of them can actually lead. They're all "birds of a feather." In power they want the goodies. They don't want to work for civilians.

That's why you keep seeing different actors coming on stage; to woo you into believing they're the new kings of pop culture. There's nothing else in this universe so lame.

So, you want to believe Obama raises money. Go ahead. Believe what you like. But the saud's have been the real money pit.

There's a big difference, too, between Americans and Iranians right now. In Iran, the man who came in third got "sold" as the winnah. In America? It's divided 50/50. Up until now, of course. The private sector provided the means to growing technology; as well as the "bubble." Bubbles burst.

Both countries, now, have very angry citizens. The votes, in iran, are much more controlled, though.

But lie often enough, and you can reach for the story of Pinoccio. A child's tale. Because children are the world's fastest learners.

Anonymous said...

I get these emails too. Guess how much I've sent him?


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