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Monday, June 15, 2009
Forget for a second that Bibi was answering Obama’s Cairo speech. Forget for a minute that Bibi wiped the floor with Obama with this eloquent answer.

The reality was that this speech was about making fun of Obama: completely, utterly, and devastatingly.

Just some of the examples of responding to Obama’s demands:
  • Bibi said would be shifting the world’s focus back onto Iran.
  • His remark on fielding an army was clearly a reference to Dayton's 12 brigades.
  • He made it clear that no settlements would be evacuated, and would in fact grow.
  • And he blew the Land for Peace formula out of the water.

But the fun starts when he mentions Herzl.

In his comment about using the “simplest terms” and the “simplest words” to talk about Peace, he then never talks about Peace. He talked about Arab rejectionism, recent Arab History and the Jewish connection to our historical homeland – while Obama’s history was ignorant of everything- and wasn't the "simple truth".

He was talking down to Obama, way down.

“Those who think that the continued enmity toward Israel is a product of our presence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, is confusing cause and consequence.”

Slam Dunk.

He then gives Obama a history lesson to counter the pseudo-history in the Cairo speech, and unlike Obama’s this one was true (I am sure he was biting his tongue so as not to talk about the Barbary pirates).

He mentioned the Jews forced out of the Arab countries, who lost all their money and property.

He knocked Obama who would sit with and recognize with Hamas who call for Israel's destruction.

Even talking about his own war experience was a deliberate insult to highlight Obama's complete lack of real world experience.

And he couldn’t have done it better with his list of recent contributions of Israel to the world, in technology, medicine, science, and agriculture. He simply made a joke of Obama's list for the Arabs. And that, by the way, was the give-away as to what Bibi was doing here.

Yes, the entire speech was an answer and the antithesis of Obama's - and his history was right too, unlike Obama's piece of fiction.

But the speech was only in part about answering Obama.

I think it was also about showing (the world? Obama? the Jews?) how ignorant Obama really is – and he did a good job of it.


Anonymous said...


Iran exploded. Just shows ya that just like in theater; timing is everything.

Today the world looks at Iran; and can't believe the match was "fair." Because had it been "fair" there would be dancing in the streets.

You know iran, much more so that irak under Saddam would have thrived and been healthy, had we chosen our battles better.

Alas, we did not.

And, the GOP sent up the brain dead McCain, which gave Obama the walk into the white house.

Doesn't mean Obama can't make Jimmy Carter's mistakes. I think, as a matter of fact, he already has.

ANd, I also notice Livni is STUCK. You tell me, you see her helped by Obama? What will it take to pull down Kadima, now? Exactly how does she keep Mofaz inside her tent? Hmm?

Jason Gold said...

Here you go Joe: The speech Bibi should have given.

The only reason things aren't worse under Bibi is because Moshe and others have Bibi's feet firmly on the fire (with soles, I assume). Dismantling the "illegal outposts" was all he could get away with, for now.

Amanda said...

Obama's Address in Cairo. Addressing the muslim world. It is indeed very interesting to hear what the President of United States have to say about muslims. This is truly a new page upon which history is being written.

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