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Saturday, June 13, 2009
You know what?

If I was Israel and wanted to overthrow the Iranian government in a coup/revolution as a way to stop their nuclear ambitions and bring back the real Iranian moderates to power (without blowing them up by airplane), I'd arrange for Ahmadiginidad to win by a ridiculous landslide and let people do the rest.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the best result for the sane part of the world would be for this election to result in civil war in Iran!


Anonymous said...


You're funny.

Meanwhile, God works in strange ways. Ahma-jihadi has exposed his own weak link. Not enough to eek out a win, he had to go for broke.

While, up ahead? The mullahs will outlaw elections. Unless, of course, the boomerang effect even gets Obama-toad to notice a discrepancy between his "high hopes" for Iran; and what wouldn't even pass the smell test.

Hope Bibi knocks it out of the ball park! If he's not gonna be dynamic, his speech won't rise above all this "noise."

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