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Sunday, June 14, 2009
Every single Right wing government since Shamir has been brought down by Right wing parties (in certain cases after shifting Left, in certain cases not).

The Right (and of course the Left) are strongly criticizing Bibi right now for what he said, and international pressure and criticism is sure to follow quickly.

The Right can either repeat the mistakes of the past and bring back Kadima and Meretz (imagine if it had been Tzippy Livni giving that speech), or it can strengthen Bibi on all the positive points he said (which would have been completely never mentioned or disregarded if Kadima was in power).

  • The unashamed historical rights of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria (and unconnected to the Holocaust).

  • His acknowledgment of us Settlers as brother, Zionists, and pioneers, and not enemies of the State, nor enemies of peace - perhaps his most important statement.

  • His unequivocal statement declaring Jerusalem as the unified and undivided capital of Israel - forever.

  • A fully and completely demilitarized Arab entity which must first recognize Israel as a permanent Jewish State (did you think he would call for transfer?)

  • His support for continued growth of the Settlement enterprise in Israel's Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria.

Until Netanyahu actually veers Left, and acts contrary to his stated positive positions in the speech, the Right has little to worry about, so long as it continues to openly support him against the powerful and overwhelming international pressure he is sure to face.

And after a speech like that Bibi deserves our support right now, more than ever.

I am far from an avid Bibi supporter, but his speech tonight, was by far the most Zionistic and refreshing speech made by any Israeli Prime Minister since Shamir spoke in Madrid (I remember that speech, and the Arab reaction, which was that it was the first time they ever heard that Jews had any history in Israel at all).

The Right wing took out Shamir after Madrid. Please don't make that mistake again so quickly.

-A joint post by JoeSettler and Jameel


Anonymous said...


Obama was out playing golf.

Bibi did what he had to do, in that he's made his move. And, you just know the palestinians aren't gonna make a singe gesture.

While Iran has erupted over the stolen election. Which means? Well, for one thing, IF Obama now embraces "Ahma-jihadist" on his win, how does he do this without noticing the SIZE of the theft?

Ahead, Obama returns to the White House, and "thinks" Bibi is now "in" for a 2-state deal.

I also keep hearing about Sadat. (Heck, Bar Ilan plays this one, too.) Without realize that Sadat was the "black candidate" who was never accepted by Egypt!

And, it was Egypt that was desperate for a deal! To Jimmy Carter, Sadat said "he wanted to be reimbursed for the oil Israel removed from the Sinai, when they won this in the 6 Day War. I kid you not!

Also, the "deal" Sadat tried to pass off on Jerusalem, was to give Israel a "piece of the wall." But not jurisdiction!

After things collapsed for Jimmy, Begin called Sadat in Israel, and held out the olive branch.

I still think that because North Korea didn't let their nuke(s) fly, there's some appreication for Iran "being on the ropes," here.

Sure, I could be wrong.

But I didn't play golf. I found the link to Bar Ilan's venue; and I heard Bibi, live. In Hebrew. With a very decent, quick, translation.

What did Bibi do? He went to the heart of Israel, and garnered up the votes from the middle. That there are crazy Likudniks on the right? Yup. But the real crazies are with Livni. And, Obama hasn't shared, yet, any of his rope, with her.

Nobody said democracies are "fun." But it's possible? It's the Iranian who might not grasp victory? Hard to tell, except that Obama's unusually silent.

Anonymous said...


Another day. So, I'll comment, again.

Politics produces polar opposites. And, the middle is the equator.

Where Bibi is lucky, here, comes from the news out of iran; which shows what real public dissatisfaction appears to look like.

For Bibi? Obama's plate is so full of stuff right now; that the Jew haters in America only have Jimmy Carter's face to foist up. (And, no. The story about him nearly exploding in gaza is a fake.)

So the world is learning about fake news. While Bibi knows that right now Obama has NO TRACTION! That's the good news.

Bibi's speech just repeats what Bibi's already book into book form. Two books. (3 if you want to count the one about his Brother, Yoni), are all available for purchase. Bibi has made a very good case for Israel. That our American state department doesn't buy books from Amazon? What can I do?

Bibi had to see to it that whatever script Obama had hoped to use, was a FAILED display of American powers in Cairo. June 4th didn't turn into "D-DAY" ... And, Cairo didn't change history. Heck, not even in iran.

Also of help. Since politics is all about factions; Blacks in America only account for 12% of the population. (I kid you not.) While muslems have the same number as Jews, when it comes to citizenship. About 6-million.

And, if the media were ever able to sway public opinion (where there's always been banner heads for one side or another), they've died on the vine. Just as iran is showing you now: People who can read and write, use the Internet. And, some even speak English. "Farsi that" can someday replace "fancy that" in the vernacular.

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