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Saturday, June 20, 2009
From Israel’s point of view, what is going on in Iran right now is potentially tremendous.

There is a valid point raised by various senior Israelis that the differences between the two Iranian candidates regarding Israel and the Middle East are practically nonexistent.

That’s correct. But it is potentially irrelevant.

Because what is brewing in Iran is nothing less than a revolution.

And it isn’t about the candidates – it’s about the People.

And quite potentially, the People of Iran are taking back their government and their lives.

And I firmly believe the people of Iran want democracy and freedom from the Khomeinis and Khakamainis and perhaps even Islam fundamentalism itself!

And this is their chance to fix what went wrong in their society. A complete reset.

Israel has an obligation to say that we support the Iranian people.

Come what may, even if the other guy wins, nothing will remain the same if the hold of the religious fanatics that controls every facet of Iranian lives is broken, it will be a step forward.

And more so, because the Iranian people are not enemies of the Jews. In fact, nearly all historical anti-Semitism in Iran can be directly linked to, what else, Islam.

And even today, Israel’s Voice of Persia is a popular radio program listened to by millions of Iranians.

Joe Settler has one thing to say, Viva la Revolution.


Anonymous said...

Would like to think your opinion is on the mark....

Leora said...

Hope you are correct. Good thought.

My own experience with Iranians that are not Jewish (Muslim, but not practicing) is that you are on the right track here. My friend had much more pride in her Persian background than in the Arab influences in her culture.

Anonymous said...


Very good points. Because "if" Ahmadinijad holds onto power; he's gonna be persona-non-grata in European countries, that have already called in the iranian ambassadors, stating they think this election was FRAUDULENT. (Perhaps, the one in 2005 was also fraudulent. But back then very few iranians voted.)

And, this time you have the deaths of innocent civilians. How will Ahmadinijad cook up an excuse that they were "starting" fires. When there are now cell phones. And, a record of what was going on!

You just can't put the genie back in the bottle. To say nothing of the DEATH CULT, in a country where 70% of the population was born after 1979.

There's also the American side-show, with Jimmy Carter carrying the water for Obama, in gaza. Just the wrong man, at the wrong time, to do any good for the democratic party. Which seems hell bent at destroying it's own constituents.

There's a G-8 summit coming up in the beginning of July. The iranian ambassador is supposed to be there. While Hilllary? She's gonna rest on her elbow and milk her absence until her daughter gets married off in August. And, even for that she's going to need to fashion a dress around her cast. I don't think the Clinton's are in any mood to "help" Obama, either.

There's more than one place, filled with sharks, who smell blood in the water.

But I'm not the Oracle at Delphi. Only time will tell how this all works out.

It is an amazing thing when PEOPLE decide their leadership needs to be replaced.

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