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Friday, June 19, 2009
We went cherry picking today at the Rosh Tzurim Cherry Picking Festival.

There was bit of a balagan down the road where a bus was blocking the way (he was afraid to go, and didn't want to follow the instructions of anyone trying to guide him through the rows of cars).

We waited for a while until we decided to hike the rest of the way with all the kids.

We then bought our tickets (NIS 25 each and no discounts for kids), and then everyone on the line began to get really annoyed when the people handing out the plastic containers (to hold the cherries) couldn't decide if you get one container per ticket, one container per family, or 1 container per 2 tickets.

Enough screaming from everyone on the line (we were standing there in the hot sun while the girl in charge just sat there not moving) and finally she decided to move and give out containers (arguing with each person) after a good 10 minute wait.

Once inside things were much different. We went to one of the orchards and started collecting and eating cherries.

Thousands of people were there.

Up the hill was the festival, with music, food, concessions, balloons, games, and so on.

The cherries were delicious (we took off Ma'aser when we brought them home). And the festival was a lot of fun.

A little more organization at the beginning would have made this a perfect event.


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