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Friday, June 05, 2009
And since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States.

They have fought in our wars,

Sure, but did he mention they were usually the enemy?

they have taught at our universities,

so what if it was anti-Zionist propaganda.

they've excelled in our sports arenas,

or at least in Munich hotels.

they've won Nobel Prizes,

Yup, we talked about that already.

built our tallest building

Maybe he meant 'knocked them down'?


Anonymous said...


What's the sensible reaction? Today's Jerusalem Post produces the 3 letters: From Bush to Arik Sharon. Sharon's letter of understanding, prior to the Gaza pullout. And, Dov Weisglass's letter to Condi Rice. That Hillary Clinton calls "all bald-faced lies."

I might add that Olmert will soon face corruption charges IF he returns to Israel from his "treatments" in America. And, the crazy "lame duck" Annapolis conference was never brought to the Knesset. And, never received Israeli voters' approvals. Though elections did toss out Kadima; bringing in Bibi. And, his government.

I'll guess that Bibi takes his time. Since it's possible Hillary can be hung easily from her own petard. She got into debt running against Obama, and losing the spot to him. So where would she go to get money to run in 2010 senate race? She grabbed the branch Obama extended. And, she happens to hate Israel will equal venom.

Now, the "guarantees" will certainly get discussed. Lebanon is about to descend into a Hezbollah/Syria controlled hell hole. And, Iran will soon produce nukes.

Obama, meanwhile is only able to muster a limited amount of popularity, here, in the USA. Because it seems there's new life in the Grand Old Party.

Obama is NOT FDR! He's much more like Huey Long. And, way back in the early 1930's, when germany picked hitler; and italy picked Mussolini, Americans picked FDR, who was NOT a dictator!

Times ahead will get worse.

Bibi, meanwhile has picked up more traction among Israelis. Maybe, all he has to do is stay calm? Obama may be his Entebbe. And, you know at Entebbe Idi Amin failed. But those first headlines did show Israel up on the ropes.

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