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Friday, June 12, 2009
Poll: 56% of Israelis back settlement construction.

In a separate poll that 66% of Israelis have little appetite for dismantling West Bank settlements.

36% percent oppose any evacuation as part of a final peace deal and 30 percent said only a small number should be dismantled.


Anonymous said...


First of all, the saudi plan has been around the block. And, Obama hasn't even bothered to paint her up, since both Bush's spent their political capital. It should be called "James Baker's dead cat."

On the theory that Israel always winds up with the dead cat on its doorway.

I think 56% is actually a low number. That Israelis aren't going to tear away from Bibi. And, all Obama can hope to do is make Livni even shriller.

Of course, the UN, the crazy korean in charge, and a few other folk, will all see if Israel is a carcass yet. And, you get no guarantees that they'll all row together; because doing so HURTS Obama! He gets seen for what he is. A skinny man who is over-confident in his teleprompter.

Sure, if people think there's gonna be a traffic accident, they pay attention. But for the democrats? You mean they're blind, deaf and dumb, and have no memory of how Jimmy Carter hurt their fortunes?

You know the Nobel committee can't just toss out prizes, anymore, to just about anybody. Though, sure. They'll toss one to Obama.

On the other hand? The drain is spinning dowards. Even the saud's aren't making the kinds of profits they used to make. And, as the barrel costs go up, so do opportunities to turn to others for fuel.

All Bibi has to do on Sunday is give a good speech. He's a lot more photogenic than Olmert!

And, Livni? She's the worst dog that Obama can unleash. Her. And, Hillary. Barnum called this a "side show." It brought money into the circus. Because people spend money to gaze at really weird stuff.

While if you think the poor are fairing well, have I got news for you! Obama supporters are losing their homes faster! And, their job market has become "temporary work," as well. Businesses won't commit suicide for Obama, either.

I'd be surprised if Bibi's speech wasn't memorable. He's got to be a Six Day package, all by himself!

You know, even the Holocaust Museum tragdey in DC, showed how quick Jews respond to terror! Let me help you understand this: FASTER THAN Wal-Mart's!

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