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Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Without knowing what went on behind closed doors, publicly at least, Ehud Barak held his ground.

What is still unfortunate is that this US plans to try to meet with Netanyahu in 2 weeks (and make this a regular event too). As if the Prime Minister doesn't have better things to waste his time on.


Anonymous said...


So what? Two weeks, and Bibi "meets" the presidential smoke stack. Whatever is gonna happen has arleady been planned. Step by step.

I kid you not.

World leaders don't meet in the absence of a script.

Meanwhile, Jordan just walked off with half a billion American dollars. Whose passing this money around?

Is that what motivates ALL politicians? They come, not for the rubber chickens, but for the donations.

Obama's no different.

As to Israel, they've been here, before. And, even if nothing gets built, Bibi has learned he gets headlines if he says he's authorizing "building units."

You tell me, what other government leader gets to be such a "detail guy?" And, how does this change the equation? (In other words? You still have to train your army.) You still have to know what your real deterents ... really, really, are.

And, you have no idea, if in two weeks, the tooth fairy in iran, comes out of hiding; and makes all the mullahs look like idiots? You think time stands still?

If this were football? You'd say the coach just instructed players to "toss the ball" and feed the clock. And, you can go to the parking lot. To get a head start. Because there's no serious play, ahead, for the goal posts.

It's also the summer. In August, all the elites (including Obama) will be on Martha's Vineyard. And, the Clinton's are gonna be marrying off their daughter.

It's not a big deal. And, you don't even have to buy a gift. It just means that "news" will erase. And, reality, ahead? Gets TWITTERED (away).

Anonymous said...


According to DEBKA, Obama "folded." He couldn't pressure Israel, because the Saud's weren't going to grant any favors.

What's back on track is the "peace process." For what it's worth: BIBI WANTS THIS!

I have no idea what benefits come from participating in the "peace process." But Obama? He sees that Livni, so far, is not closer to flying into the government, while Bibi would "fly out."

Arik Sharon still lingers in a coma.

Why not the peace process, there? Am I missing something?

JoeSettler said...

Why not the peace process, there? Am I missing something?

I suspect that Bibi wants to force Obama to back up Israel in an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Netanyahu sees Iran's nuclear capabilities as the biggest existential threat to Israel on the playing field today.

Obama linkage of his support against Iran to the Peace Process, to force Israel to recommence the peace process had an unintentional consequence Obama didn't foresee.

Bibi will announce that the Peace Process is going forward, and like Obama "promised" he will then demand the US backup Israeli action against Iran.

(And if Obama doesn't backup Israel, bye-bye Obama credibility and the peace process).

Anonymous said...


Dear Mr. Settler,

I've looked at the map. And, you can't fool me. Iran is a key piece, on many levels. The PERSIANS have been a strong influence into ASIA. So, it's got two ways to spread influence. (But not with the mullahs!) It's just a question of how long the mullahs can keep killing citizens; and "stay in power." The iranians are hot for change. And, this would change IRAK! Because it's the mullahs in Irak ... who have coupled to Maliki ... who never liked Bush ... And, it's their teamwork that's a disaster, now. And, ahead. To the SAUD's. Believe it or not.

When I see the stirrings of news tories; including, today, John Bolton's piece advising Israel to "strike." I think that such an "open letter" is stupid. You won't get the Israeli air force up and flying out; because it "checks" the harms, ahead, to the SAUD's. (Oh, and to Eygpt.) Another "one man rule" country ... where one man can drop dead and his kid isn't the pencil-necked Assad.

You can't fool me. DRUGS are as a big a business as OIL. And, drugs are the mainstay of the countries surrounding Iran and pakistan.

In other words? THere's more than one volcano that can erupt. I'm not so sure this idea that "Israel will solve Iran's problems" actually are based on any reality.

Yes. Good to threaten. It's like parade music. Doesn't amount to real plans. Let alone the growth of China, now, picking up "pearls" in the Sea. (Sri Lanka. Where China will be building deep ports.)

The UN solves nothing. Obama, too. But they foam at the mouth when they see themselves pushing around Jews. Doesn't shore them up for what's in the future.

The Saudi family, and the Mubarak family are more frightened than you think.

As to Barak, I remember reading about his exploits in Beirut; when he, and a few others from Mossad, went into that city in Lebanon. Barak was dressed as a woman. That's how the group moved so as not to attract attention.

Back then Ehud, dressed as a woman. Pretty in a brunette wig. Was a trained marksman. The whole thing went off without a hitch.

So, when I hear Ehud Barak is "playing politics," I just laugh. You'll never know what's going on behind his eyes. He's sharp. And, he certainly doesn't want to go to "new elections!"

I, for one, know why Livni lost. And, I also know Bibi was loyal.

Counts for points, it does.

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