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Thursday, July 16, 2009
Is it hate, ignorance or apathy that lets the enemies of Israel boldly lie while accepting those lies at face value and with moral equivalence.

It's nothing new that the "Palestinians" have been trying to steal Jewish history and claim it for their own.

And what they can't claim, they try to destroy.

From their claims that there was no Temple on the Temple Mount where they temporarily parked their mosques, to the destruction of ancient Jewish religious sites and artifacts on the Temple Mount and throughout the country - the examples are unfortunately countless.

Their latest claim is that Israel looted and stole the Dead Sea Scrolls.

One doesn't know whether to laugh (or cry) and the utter patheticness of this latest claim, or be concerned that if the "Palestinians" can't claim the Isaiah Scroll and other biblical scrolls for themselves they may try to destroy them instead.

If I were living in Toronto, I would demand extra guards at the Royal Ontario Museum.

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Anonymous said...


And, you think the arabs respect this bunch of 'palestinians." That they aren't used as tools by the richest of Saudi sheiks?

The real loss in value comes from the way the oil money has tightened controls, here in the USA, of who can actually get elected.

There's no shame out there. Al Franken, a comedian, takes his senate seat on 312 stolen votes. And, then, since he can ask Sonia Sotomayor a question: Asks her about the one case Perry Mason lost. She was supposed to remember that episode. And, to also explain why "being a prosecutor was such a good thing." If the prosecutor always lost to Perry Mason.

I kid you not.

Lunatics are in charge of the asylum. And, Obama is an anti-Semite. Let's see if "business as usual" continues; or if the Chicago "Rahm-ing" machine doesn't just kill the party that should have been smarter, once it gained access to all the American levers of the Federal Government.

Alas, that's like expecting the mafia to change.

All you see is an emerging record. The one hitler left is so dramatic, there are those in germany still under the delusion that hitler's dicatorship was a "good thing."

What can you do when people don't see those unexpected consequences coming down the pike?

You could run one test, though. Obama reached for Bibi's head. And, instead? Bibi became more popular among Israelis. If you don't believe me, then you think Livni's numbers went up. When they didn't.

What if God has a plan?

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