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Friday, July 10, 2009
Now Israel is considering allowing the PA to train "special forces units" to go along with their regular army units.

Hey Bibi, what happened to "demilitarized"?

Do you understand the word differently than me?

One of the proven-to-be-false assumptions of Oslo was that we can help defend ourselves by outsourcing fighting the terrorists who hate us to other terrorists who also hate us.

That obviously didn't and could never work out - and in fact we've seen (and see) on more than one occasion that the bad terrorists are actually listed on the payrolls of the good terrorists.

Yet here we are, doing it again.

(And just to remind you of the Makor Rishon report that says that Hamas has unequivocally infiltrated into the new PA army.)

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LB said...

On the other hand, this might be good in the long run. Eventually there will be a war. A decisive one. Every time there is a war, the UN pushes its nose in and ends it before a decision (the equivalent of mommy saving the bully from finally getting the beating he deserves - time and time again). And so the region is continually waiting for a purge to clean it - why wait? More innocent people die in the mean time - if there's going to be a war - might as well bring it sooner (and this will add to those odds).

Anonymous said...


Yes, it's upsetting. But here's a given rule in America: GENERALS DON'T WORK!

The pentagon spins out ribbons to the appropriate "political" candidates. And, this is just some "new thing" ... which will function about as well any car Detroit designs. Which means they don't have engineers designing anything people want. Let alone have confidence in using.

I used to get upset at all the fancy planes that were sold to the saud's. Then I read that the saud's sent their princes to America's airforce schools. And, the students all got drunk.

In other words? What do you expect?

You don't have any tools that let you know who benefits from anything being done by IDIOTS! That it's done to anger Bibi? Well one way or another, it seems America has devised this road.

One where they FLOPPED in Irak, I might add.

So, now they're training arabs; who are given rifles made of wood, while they're still in kindergarten.

I'd also add that I'd bet, by and large, most of the arabs don't speak English. And, most of the military bozos, from America; are just filling in the time before they retire. And, they're THRILLED TO PIECES they're not in Irak. Or Afghanistan.

Good for parades.

All without common sense.

If you don't build things with common sense in mind; don't be so surrpised that your world view blows up. And, or, fails.

In time.

Basically, this whole thing is agenda driven to burn money. Which is another reason America's economy has just gone down the crapper.

Also, since gangs in LA have very heavy duty fire power. And, they don't get military training. You could always ask, is the military training worth it? Seems to me the gangs in LA don't think so.

And, the gangs in LA have just taken to shooting men who wear red.

The media can't even keep up with all the fatalities. But if you find yourself in "South Central?" The powers that be changed the name.

See? With a name change you wouldn't know you had entered a neighborhood worse than any at the ends of the earth.

In America our military is not friendly to Jews. Don't act shocked. They're also not turning out great generals. That pretty much stopped back in WW2.

At least you can learn something from the "passing parade." Or the stupidity of others. And, how Congress is of no help; since they send American treasure hampering what would have worked better, in its stead.

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