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Friday, July 03, 2009
"The air in Eretz Yisrael causes wisdom" (Baba Batra 158B)

This is perhaps best exemplified by the polls that indicate that 94% of Israelis would not define Obama as friendly to Israel, and 60% believe he will actually hurt Israel.

Meanwhile, 74% (or 79% depending on the poll) of American Jews support or trust Obama.

(I assume that 26% will be making Aliyah within the next few years, which will just make them even smarter).

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Jesse said...

Baruch Hashem, I'm on my way!
August 18th NBN flight with my family to follow next year. I'm done with this mess...

JoeSettler said...

Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...


Today, Sarah Palin resigned. And, I think the reason she did this was to move from where it's cold; to a better climate. Where she can earn more money just going on TV.

As to Obama, I'm not so sure he hurts anything as much as he hurts the democrapic brand. Since, they've already go one end of the bookend covered with Jimmuh Carter.

Nobody's the Oracle at Delphi. Nobody knows how the future plays out. But every day, where you go and assume one thing. There's breaking news that surprises ya.

Daniel said...

Of those who are and would make aliya , theya are largely the 76%ers

IowaBill said...

I've followed your blog for some time and much enjoy your views and have a question: Isn't the disparity between American and Israeli Jewish views of Obama also a reflection of self selection - many decades of the most courageous, religious, and determined Jews forming a disproportionate fraction of those making aliya, whereas the most timid, comfortable, and one might say uncommitted Jews preferring the secular pleasures of America? That many American Jews are Jews in name only?

JoeSettler said...

Interesting idea.

It's not selection in the evolutionary sense. But for many American Jews there is an element of selection resulting from differences in priorities and worldviews whether those stem from religious, cultural, or financial reasons.

Someone isn't less of a Jew because they don't make Aliyah, but it does perhaps mean that the "Galus mentality" might be ingrained in them more strongly.

And that could explain the difference in outlook on other key issues.

IowaBill said...

Thanks! I admit I'm confused (as a Zionist Christian who believes God gave the land of greater Israel to the Jews permanently) as to who represents a Jew. My understanding is that if one has a Jewish mother, one is considered Jewish, even if one is of another faith than Judaism, but if one converts to Judaism, one is also a Jew. Is this so? And if so, how are people identified as Jews in American polls - by self-identification? Might this skew poll results, such that many people claim to be Jewish by virtue of their family tree, but are otherwise assimilated into the American "melting pot", including worldviews?

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