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Sunday, July 05, 2009
Does the Road to Iran go through "Palestine"?

Obama claims that to be the case.

His administration believes that no Arab coalition against Iran can be built without there first being a resolution to the Palestinian issue. We settlers are the obstacle to peace and are enabling a nuclear Iran.

The Israelis and other analysts disagree.

Saudi Arabia and the other Arab states are much more threatened by a nuclear Iran then they are by a Palestinian State (which they don't really want either).

Having a Palestinian State means they can't blame Israel for their own dictatorial failures anymore.

And while the only thing more valuable to them than having that scapegoat is destroying the scapegoat, but since the destruction of Israel is not imminent on their part, they are more scared of what Iran will be able to do to them, then what Iran could do to Israel.

In fact, just the other day Mossad chief Meir Dagan told Bibi Netanyahu, that Saudi Arabia will allow Israel to overfly its territory on the way to destroying Iran's nuclear facilities. Other Israeli officials have mentioned the quiet working relationship with the Saudi dictators.

And from Saudi point of view, this could solve one if not two thorns in their side.

Israel destroys Iran's nuclear capabilities, and if they're lucky, Iran destroys Israel in return.

Could the Road to Iran go through Saudi Arabia, while "Palestine" remains a dead end alley filled with petty criminals and muggers?

I think the answer remains yes.

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Anonymous said...


People in free countries have choices.

In one, you can believe that Obama is a success. And, in the other model? You can believe Livni also made successful moves.

Of course, reality is a different story. Like when you bet a number; be it on a horse. Or two dice you toss. At some point you get to do a "reality check."

Meanwhile, if you like politics, it's the same as liking sausages. You might not want to know what you eat?

While the news that's not TWITTERED, isn't particularly important.

If and when "something happens" in iran; I expect that you'll hear about it first, through TWITTER.

Meanwhile? The Israeli sub going through the Suez? Do you know how Eygpt is suffering these days, because ships prefer to go around AFRICA? And, not through the Suez?

Believe what you want.

Timing is key to everything.

And, the "news" carried by the elites; both here in the USA, and in Israel, is composed by garbage makers. Long since their prime.

If journalists WERE cartons of milk? You'd realize this fact. They are past their due date.

Past any point you're given information of any worth. Meanwhile, just an aside. America just celebrated the 4th of July, and Michelle Obama went to russia. (Shows you the real White House priorities. And, how they're milking their "success.")

Livni on the other hand, has, as they say when you throw da' dice, "crapped out."

Can the mullah stooges hold on?

Can the mullahs "share" their fire power? Or are they so fearful of their own people revolting on them; they can't even spare, spare parts right now ... And, they're focused on their own traumas.

Hey, at least it's not Bibi's who is worried! Meanwhile, also in America, the "protocol proctologists" are stuck on having dissed Sara.) Need I say more?

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