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Friday, July 10, 2009
Has the Netanyahu-Mitchell meeting canceled? There was supposed to be a meeting 2 weeks after the Ehud Barak meeting, which happened because Netanyahu blew off/fobbed off Mitchell before the first planned meeting.

Now the State Department won't give out a date for the next meeting.

Could Bibi be doing the right thing, and be avoiding Mitchell, and showing him how unproductive a relationship it's going to be?

Meanwhile, the State Department says that the US has not changed it opinion on the complete Settlement free, despite reports in certain Israel papers.

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Anonymous said...


The only thing missing are the Arthur Murray "dance steps." Big feet, on the floor, so you know where to step.

When you see "meeting canceled" you get to see that Bibi is asking for respect. Obama hasn't learned the rules. But basically Mitchell can go meet with Hillary; and hold her elbow in its sling.

In Israel, Bibi won the election that made him prime minister. He doesn't have to take "instructions" from Obama's "lad."

And, since there's nothing Bibi is going to give Mitchell, why hold a meeting?

This is a studied art form.

You don't have meetings to accomplish anything. You have them to orchestrate media coverage. While Bibi could care less at this point. Since there's no "fine points" to discuss.

Obama may feel "settlements" are the issue. In which case I'd direct him to AMERICA's "settlement movement." When Jewish immigrants came;and, people were poor. There was "Workman's Circle." (Where poor people didn't have to be buried in Potter's Field.)

And, there was even a COOK BOOK. So, go get one. The SETTLEMENT COOKBOOK got rave reviews. Was written in English. And, gives a textual background to how Jews used words.

The Palestinians aren't interested in Obama's two-state solution, either. They're holding out for the "whole pie." But they don't have a cookbook. They have nothing that even looks like they've got a culture that would grow anywhere. Not even in gazoo.

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