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Friday, July 17, 2009
I don't know if the Hareidi boy is sick (like the Hareidim claim), or his mother is the sick (like the police and hospital claim).
We'll perhaps have the answer to that in a few days.

But what the heck is going on over there with all these Hareidi riots?

Is it too hot outside and there's no air conditioning? Do they need a TV to help pass the evening? Is someone playing political games?

Very strange.


Anonymous said...


Blame it on "group think." Most of the time this hostility is hidden. And, you don't see the attacks. And, people spitting on one another.

But the problem is real and despicable. The rabbis feed on these behaviors! And, yes, it shows the sad case of brain damage when cults lose all common sense.

Didn't happen yesterday.

But at least this small boy has been taken out of harm's way. Are the rabbis sure they want to prove to the police that only they are the final authority?

Sometimes, I think Olmert created this problem. He gave the Haredi the powers; because he didn't think the State should be worried about "local reactions." And, Jerusalem became a pit.

Anonymous said...


The 3 year old boy weighs 15 pounds. He does not have cancer. Just a crazy mother who happens to be continuously pregnant. Like Elsie the Cow.

I don't accept this as Judaism! It's one thing to argue about Zionism, with Americans. And, a whole other thing to see how Israel compromised herself, when Olmert was mayor of Jerusalem. And, took no measures against these CULTISTS!

Long before Gaza was evacuated; there should have been a clamp put down on taypayer funding of a CULT!

So they riot. The whole group of them are brain dead. Now, you tell me. How do you defend our religion from the charge that it makes people mentally sick?

I always thought Jews had more room to question God, than any Catholic I knew growing up.

I was so proud when Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel! And, I was sure, finally, Jews had a place where they could exercise political clout.

But when it comes to the Haredi? Everyone else turned into a bunch of cowards. Good that the police finally decided to save one soul. You don't need antiSemites when you have the Haredi rabbis vying with each other in whipping up their cult members. Just stop giving them tax money for "making babies." Let the men learn to get jobs! So they can feed their families. If they want them? Then let them get trained to go to work.

Anonymous said...


It's me, again. For some reason I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because, for awhile I knew the USA was never going to build their embassy in Jerusalem. (Not that it can't happen if the city divides; and the arabs get to host such an embassy.)

I knew the diplomats felt if they built in Jerusalem, the Haredi would "park" on their driveway on Friday afternoon. And, not allow traffic through until Saturday nite. Let alone what would happen if pork were served inside.

So Jerusalem as a spot for the American Embassy would show up conveniently during presidential campaigns, here. But the ground never got broken.

Meanwhile, unlike other cities; where it costs a fortune to buy real estate. Be it Rome, or Paris, or New York City; the Haredi would have been driven from the market by forces outside of their control, if Jerusalem actually thrived.

To me, Judaism just isn't a cult! It grew, along with the European Enlightenment to blossom within Jewry. And, this growth has been impeded. By "circumstance."

Let me explain. Growing up, I heard that back in the 1930's, if a Jewish lad said he wanted to become a rabbi, it was greeted with the same enthusiams as saying he was interested in medicine. And, the law.

The rabbinate, here, in America, has fallen off the radar screen. So many Jews today don't even belong to a temple! Let alone know the name of even one rabbi.

Back when I was young? You bet the rabbi's name was known. And, he, in turn, knew everyone's business. If a man fell in love with a shiksa? Oy vey. But in many cases, to appease the parents the wife would "convert." And, the kids would belong to a temple until they were Bar or Bat Mitzvah'd.

In some cases? The rabbi "advised" the parents to sit Shiva. So they discovered they didn't have to move to Florida to hear from their son or daughter "less often." And, to find out all that was welcome were gifts, to the grandkids. Too many broken hearts, I tell ya.

And, people don't like to be forced into religion!

I also knew Catholics. And, I also know that the Catholic Church has lost a ton of their congregants. I no longer see the Church doors open, where, if you peek inside, you'd see burning candles to saints. This has just fallen off the radar screen. Was it caused by priests who added to the calamity when a man and a woman fell in love? And, then the church denied them weddings? Or ostracized a man for obtaining a prior divorce?

Turned out to be more costly to the religious organizations than anything else.

This won't change the CULT STATUS of the Haredi by any means. But I think there's absolutely no sympathy for them being generated by their riots. They haven't proved their case, beyond the fact that the cult is driven by goons.

Will there be a downside?

When Bernie Madoff's schemes were exposed, I saw billions that had been thought of as "orthodox yarisha" going down the drain.

So at least on one score the ultra-religious lost their pot of gold.

Still, if you think about it. Israel made the desert bloom; but in Jerusalem, they couldn't grow a modern city. And, yes, I wonder why not?

JoeSettler said...

Jerusalem is a modern city. We have wi-fi hotspots, hi-tech industries, tall buildings, shopping malls and incredible museums.

We also are multicultural as well as a unique mixture of old and new.

JoeSettler said...

Not to mention the best hospitals in the entire Middle East.

Anonymous said...


In America, we have malls in every single state. And, a Walmarts outside of towns, as long as there are traffic intersections.

As to the "best hospitals in the world," it makes me wonder who Arik Sharon listened to? The man didn't need heart surgery. Which was the reason for the Heperin. Which caused his stroke. And, his heart keeps ticking just to prove his doctors wrong.

Wouldn't be the first time.

IF Jerusalem was a thriving city, it would look like Tel Aviv.

I kid you not, about stopping traffic on Friday afternoon; as if this is "typical" in big cities with malls.

In America, by the way, there were once "Blue Laws." The Churches were so strong no city department store, or any other retail business dared open up on Sunday.

Ah. Walmart's broke the lock. They went outside cities. So the Blue Laws didn't keep customers away;

And, then. Instead of attending churches, which were once routine ... People chose to sleep in late. And, shop.

Walmart was so successful, retailers in big cities, pressed to be open. And, the Blue Laws disappeared from the books.

How expensive has Omert's mayoral-ship of Jerusalem been? The city can be divided.

Now you wouldn't go divide a really big city! And, that makes for a terribly big difference.

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