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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Around a year ago, someone asked me, what about the other side of the Jordan River. If I believe in "Greater Israel" or "Biblical Israel" why aren't I demanding that too?

Israel Land Fund chairman Aryeh King recently announced that he will begin taking action to reacquire Jewish land across the Jordan river that the Hashemite dictatorship is currently occupying.

(80% of the population of Jordan identifies themselves as Palestinians, making them a defacto Palestinian state under Hashemite occupation).

King reports that he has records of thousands of Jewish properties that the Jordanian government (founded 1946) seized in 1948 when the State of Israel was reestablished and the Jordanians declared war against the Jewish State.

As it is against Jordanian/Hashemite/Palestinian law to sell Land to a Jew, intermediaries will be used from Europe to repurchase these formerly Jewish properties.

In other news, Jordan has begun the process of stripping citizenship from thousands of its Palestinian citizens as tension between the Hashemite occupiers and the "indigenous" Palestinians rises.


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