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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
I wrote a post that could be considered contraversial by some. I asked Jameel and Lurker if they think I should post it or not.

Jameel said absolutely not on his blog, and both said the subject doesn't interest them.

They then went on and on, in over 10 emails about the subject (and derivative subjects).

And they then both finished the thread with the statement that the subject matter doesn't interest them so they have no opinion on whether I should post it or not.

Aarghhh. That's doesn't help at all.


Rafi G said...

post it and let us decide

JoeSettler said...

The question is about posting it because it may be too contraversial, but it isn't worth it posting it now if I don't have the Jameel-Lurker private interaction which added some depth to it.

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