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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
I have no supporting documentation for this, so I will leave out the names, though the original story is quite explicit in its details.

This story has been making the rounds in the Chareidi circles, but I haven't seen it in the mainstream media, so for the moment we'll file it under Chareidi Urban Legends.

Apparently a boy (obviously in Israel) was recently taken into the emergency room in bad shape. He had a seriously bad allergic reaction to something he ate.

The only thing he had eaten that day were frankfurters.

I know you health nuts will say what you will about frankfurters, but they really are a staple food whether you like it or not. (Unfortunately you can't find real ones in Israel, just watery chicken mash).

The only problem is that the boy isn't allergic to any of the ingredients in the hot dogs. He had an allergy to milk (allergy, not intolerance - different symptoms).

An investigation was run, and it was discovered that this major kosher hot dog factory in Israel had added... a powdered milk derivative into their formula.

Believe it or not.
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