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Thursday, May 22, 2008
I love reading Moshe Feiglin, he always has a different angle on everything.

No Knee-Jerk Reactions
by Moshe Feiglin

This week’s Mabat Sheni show featured a debate between Yesha Council head Danny Dayan and extreme Left MK Avshalom Vilan. Vilan recently proposed legislation that would apply the Evacuation/Compensation law to the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, compensating them for their property now as a way to encourage them to leave.

In the expected knee-jerk reaction, Yesha Council head Dayan argued eloquently against the proposal. The morning after the show, I sent out a press release in support of Vilan’s proposal. The facts on the ground turn up some interesting results to support Vilan’s idea.

First of all, there are almost no homes, apartments or caravans to buy or rent in Judea and Samaria. Nearly one hundred per cent occupancy. This situation is partly due to the government prohibition against building or development in most of the area. But the fact is that a lot more people want to get in than to leave. Housing prices in Judea and Samaria have soared as a result, making rentals in my home town of Karnei Shomron, for example, more expensive than in comfortably-within-the-Green-Line Kfar Saba. In addition, Judea and Samaria have the highest birth rates in the country, meaning that it is thank G-d, getting crowded. Nobody is interested in forcing people to stay. If Vilan’s proposal would lure a few non-committed residents out, they would be replaced in no time by highly idealistic and committed people.

Secondly, I hope that Vilan is fair enough to extend his proposal to all the areas in Israel for which the state is incapable of providing security. Some residents of the Kfar Aza kibbutz near Gaza have already left their homes after a kibbutz member was killed by a Kassam. This murder, like so many others, would not have happened if Israel had not adopted the hallucinatory policies of Vilan and his ilk. But the sad truth is that presently, residents of all the areas within Kassam range should have the same privileges that Vilan has so graciously proposed to the settlers. They should also be paid to move to a place where the state can protect them.

By the way, Vilan’s proposal is obviously just a lot of hot air. Israel has not even properly compensated the settlers that it forcibly evicted from their homes in Gush Katif under the current Evacuation/Compensation law. How would it possibly compensate others who willingly leave?

So there is no need for the knee-jerk reaction. It is time to call the Leftists’ bluff and to expose their ridiculous logic for all to see.


Leon Kushner said...

I Love Moshe Feiglin too. It's sad that so many Israeli's think he's a nutbar. It's quite the opposite. He's quite intelligent and he thinks out of the box. Very refreshing and usually right on the money. But why am I surprised? Most of the world is upside down and mostly due to the freaked out, leftist, politically correct media. Israel's media is no exception. We bend over backwards to appease the Arabs, their lying, murderous leaders and the rest of the world but we don't even take care of our own people who are getting murdered while trying to live in peace!
It's pretty sad when non Israeli, Gentiles have to speak out for us. Leaders like George Bush, actors like John Voight, organizations like Act for America and a handful of righteous Arabs who are trying desparately to warn us and the rest of the world that the radical Moslems mean what they say. They want to destroy us.

Lady-Light said...

I am perusing old posts ('looking up lampposts') and wanted to comment. I think Moshe Feiglin is Israel's only hope for a future (I just don't see anybody else out there), especially if he is able to implement his ideas for the "First 100 Days in Office." Do you think he even has a chance at the Prime Ministry?
Btw, I like your new blog design(or is it old?)

JoeSettler said...

ll: I think eventually he will get there.

New look. But I may change it again to something more professional looking.

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