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Friday, May 16, 2008
Food prices are again rising in Israel, and not just on rice (a single bag of rice went up from NIS 8 to NIS 13).

On average I would say that the average price for food products (especially staple products) in the supermarkets rose at least 10%-15% in the past two months. I don't have documented statistical data to back it up, other than the price tags on some new and old items I happen to have, and my rising weekly shopping bill.

Again, Israel's very large weak sector is tremendously hurt by this.

This is very disturbing.


Leora said...

This is a global problem. Food prices are going up in the U.S., too.

My suggestion is alternative energy sources and less dependence on our "friends" the Saudis. Someone in Israel is developing an alternative car (I heard this, don't know any details); promote this research on your blog.

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