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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
"Anyone who intentionally caused any territory to leave control of the state or to fall under the authority of a foreign country, or an action that could cause such, his fate is death or life imprisonment."

Aryeh Eldad is sticking to his statements regarding the penalty for giving up territories to the enemy. And why shouldn't he, it's enshrined in law.

But the politicians of the Left have no shame. They've publicly stated that the law refers to a private citizen and not to a government or PM or MK in a peace process.


To begin with, I don't know of any private citizens that have that kind of power. Perhaps a soldier, but he would be court martialed. Maybe it might refer to certain lawyers representing the government (and here I can name quite a few). But I do know of politicians that have that power.

Nor do I see any reason to assume that the law is talking about a private citizen, it certainly doesn't differentiate, unless the Left are now saying that politicians are above the "Rule of Law" (which is what they are saying when it comes to their policies).

This lack of shame that pervades the government is the root cause.


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