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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Jameel was wondering to me today if Halutz is actually a Syrian Mole planted in the IDF. It didn't sound so far-fetched when he said it, all things considered.

Meanwhile the IDF has continued in the fine tradition created by Barak, as it moved a large jobnik base out of Gaza missile range, as opposed to actually using the IDF to stop the missiles.

I feel sorry for all the neighboring towns and cities that can't be pulled back out of firing range too.

I wonder how they plan to move the Kirya.

Rotter is weighing in and claiming that a big Gaza op is imminent.


Rafi G said...

a big Gaza op has been imminent for the past 11 months. One of these days it will actually happen (or maybe not) and then everyone will say they predicted it.

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