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Saturday, May 03, 2008
Every now and then when I have free time, I drive the kids all the way over to Elazar to the zoo. It’s a great zoo, but unfortunately, the only time they seem to be open is when I am busy (and you have to make reservations to get in anyway).

So we drive there, and stand outside looking at the ostriches and the peacock (occasionally the ducks if we can see them).

While driving around with the family this Friday I had a great idea.

Bat Ayin is full of Granolies and Hippies (half of them doctors, lawyers and programmers in the real world).

I bet they have animals.

So we drove in and asked the country boy driving a tractor, and found out that someone there actually does run a farm.

And lo and behold, chickens, roosters, peacocks, goats, ducks, geese, (quails?) and puppies galore.

We asked permission to go in and got it. (Always important.)

The kids were in heaven, they could pet all the animals, and all the animals wanted to be petted (especially the puppies, and especially the puppy who wanted to go home with my son, and my son wanted to take the puppy home).

I’m not telling you all to go down there, as this is someone’s private home and business and really not a petting zoo, and they shouldn’t be pestered by the crowds, but what a bunch of nice people they are in Bat Ayin, and what a great time my kids had.


Batya said...

I love the story, so the "Israel I know."

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