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Saturday, May 24, 2008
So let's see if I got this right, the guy who completely lost the Lebanon war, the guy who took destroyed a formerly profitable multi-million dollar company in the space of less than a year, that guy is now telling us that we can give up the Golan Heights! Talk about a ringing endorsement.

And you want to tell me that there isn't rampant anti-Semitism in England? I'm not into English sports, but I've certainly read enough of the stories about Avram Grant to see that the personal attacks on him clearly seemed to stem from anti-Semitism.

Sure, tell me the owner is Jewish, but the calls and pressure to fire him didn't originate from on top. And to fire him after he took the team further than they've ever been in 50 years!

Here's something interesting. A well-known Jewish leftist is now Persona Non Grata in Israel after meeting with Hizbollah. It's got to be confusing to all the Leftists, not knowing which enemy is OK to meet and which one isn't, and who is allowed to attack Israel and who isn't, and on what subjects.


Ben Bayit said...

which company did he do in? Sterling the start-up or the motor car company?

any links to this?

in addition to silly naive orthodox rabbis, another pet peeve of mine are idiot military appointments in the private sector.

people with military backgrounds are qualified to deal with town security squads and airport security and basically not much more else. Elazar Stern is not qualified for anything, so whoever hires him this summer should be sued by shareholders/donors for malfeasance

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