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Thursday, May 15, 2008
Here are two recent pieces by Moshe Feiglin on Law and Ethical Behavior. Convenient timing that.

The Rule of Law and Other Troubles

For all of those waiting to see Olmert forced out of office, I suggest that you don't hold your breath. Olmert is a product of his times and surroundings. His corruption is not a meteor that exploded here with no warning. It is more like the tip of a very slippery iceberg that reaches into the depths and cannot easily be removed and forgotten.

The corruption from which Israel suffers is based on its culture of "the rule of law." The law should be nothing more than a tool, designed to keep the peace and define the limits of what is permissible and what is prohibited. The law is meant to reflect - not shape - a national culture. It is meant to direct our public lives according to the values dictated by our culture and traditions. In a normal situation, the law does not "rule." What does rule is justice and morality. The law is designed to help society define its unique expression of justice and morality.

In Israel, justice and morality have disappeared from our national lives. In their stead, we have the "rule of law." "The rule of law" is abused to justify every abomination and to make every outrage legitimate. Because, after all, there is nothing worse than opposing "the law."

This is a unique strain of fascism - an odious form of idol worship. The "rule of law" idol was implanted in the brains of the soldiers who carried out the Expulsion from Gush Katif. Their natural Jewish morals were neutralized by "the rule of law", held in much higher esteem than any other values (obeying G-d's commandments, for example).

And who is the prime minister of the state of "the rule of law?" A seasoned lawyer, of course. A small-time criminal acts against the law. A medium criminal evades the law, while a big-time criminal commits his crime by means of the law. Our current prime minister is a medium criminal. He just may manage to prove that he didn't break the law, after all.

Livni Next in Line?

What if Olmert steps down? Who is the right candidate to replace him? Is there anybody in the Kadimah party that is not corrupt? Tzipi Livni?

Tzipi Livni is a member of the big-time criminal party. In other words, she is a member of the party that commits its crimes by means of the law. I do not know of any money that Livni stole. But she is guilty of a much more serious robbery. Livni was elected by the public to serve as a Knesset member in the Likud party and to expedite its policies. But to the cheers of the media that took an active part in the vote heist arranged by Sharon, Livni took the electoral check that she had received from the voters and - instead of depositing it in the account to which she was sent - deposited it in the account of a different party.

This successful political heist - more corrupt than a financial heist - has positioned Livni as the prime ministerial hopeful. So please don't tell me that Livni is not corrupt. She may not have "broken the law," but from an ethical standpoint her actions are reprehensible.

Be that as it may, Livni is not the problem. I do not think that she understands that she is corrupt. Why should she? The Israeli public does not understand, either.

What Next?

I do not think that Olmert will fall in the very near future. The corruption that the current Olmert scandal had begun to reveal is much broader and deeper than Olmert's personal involvement. It will eventually encompass many more public personalities and organizations.

Israel's loss of destiny has blocked its national life flow. The stench of the corruption swamp created in its place can no longer be ignored. True Jewish leadership with vision can drain the swamp of corruption and restore Israel to its national destiny and vitality. And that means that we must be prepared to lead.

Elections will take place in Israel - sooner or later. We [Manhigut Yehudit] must be completely prepared for the elections for the Knesset and the race for prime minister.
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