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Sunday, May 04, 2008
What are you doing for Yom Ha'atzmaut?

We want to know (actually we don't have plans yet, and are simply out of ideas).

So far, Jameel invited us to go to Chomesh with him. But let's hear what else may be on the table.

If anyone is going (or went) on an Israel Challenge adventure (jeeping, canyoning, hiking, rappelling, shooting, etc.) let me know also. I'd like to hear how that went, and maybe even give you a guest post.


JoeSettler said...

Oh, come on people. Give me some ideas.

MAOZ said...

Chomesh sounds like a great idea to me.

Should I keep an eye out for a Snoopy-ish looking fellow, or will you be in Yellow Smiley-Face mode?

(Or should I just follow the scent of waffles and assume you're there with Jameel?)

JoeSettler said...

And Jameel wants to know why I'm not going to his Waffle BBQ after Chomesh.

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