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Friday, May 02, 2008
The Left loves to claim that Jerusalem isn’t united because Jews don’t live in “Arab” neighborhoods. Of course when Jews move into “Arab” neighborhoods, the Leftists howl and scream (what a strange definition of Leftist we have in Israel, how far from liberal they really are).

The Jerusalem Post has an article about a new upper-class neighborhood/project called Nof Zion which is being built in Jebl Mukaber. The Leftists are fuming. And the Jews are moving in.

The other day we were driving through Ras el-Amud (spelled something like that) – it is on/near Har HaZaitim.

You should go if you get the chance. It has the most amazing view of Jerusalem and the Old City from another vantage point. One of the local Arabs even invited us to take a look at his house.

Normally I would have gone in, but due to a severe lack of time we had to decline.

Anyway, as we were driving through we were surprised to see a new project there being built called Ma’aleh haZaitim. A fitting name due to its proximity to Har HaZaitim. Where else but Israel would the biggest selling point be the proximity of the neighborhood to a cemetery.

They are now beginning to build phase 2 of the project. It’s very nice.

Jerusalem United – as it should be.


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