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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
That's it. I've put my quest on hold for a new orange T"Z case.

I looked. I asked. They don't exist anymore.

I sent the wife to get me a new blue case from Misrad Hapnim, and she was told I can't get one unless I return to them my old blue one (which of course I don't have).

So I went there myself and pulled out the pieces of my old orange case and was immediately told that as someone Orange, I could have a new case, but she doesn't have any Orange ones to give me either, so I have to take Blue.

I transferred my papers, but it feels weird in my pocket.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I'm blue too :(

Anonymous said...

Why do you call them T"Z covers? It's an ID wallet. And if you have a drivers lisence, you aren't required to carry the ministry of inrerior's silly, old fashioned and ridiculously oversized ID card.

Just make some photocopies and keep them in the glove compartment of your car (or scan and email to yourself) and you'll always have a copy when you need one.

Alternatively you could just buy a giant girlie wallet and stick your ID card in it.

JoeSettler said...

Because I couldn't think of a better way to call it in English.

I didn't know you could just photocopy them.

JoeSettler said...

Actually, I do need to carry it, as I have to have it together with my gun license.

Ben Bayit said...

The libertarian that I am I do not carry my TZ at all times. The DL is usually enough as far as ID needs go in most places (banks, etc.) But I believe that the official law is still that the TZ has to be carried at all times and no exception is made for the DL instead of the TZ

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