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Monday, May 05, 2008
Ha’aretz claims that their probe indicates that the current Olmert investigation revolves around Olmert using his position to help promote his wife’s artwork and art career.

I’m not much of a modern art critic, but how much would you pay for these, and would you really want them in your house?

(Gads, I don't even want to see it on the blog!)

My wife has another theory.

Forget million dollar discounts on Cremioux. This involves a much better way of buying financing a candidate. Buy the politician's wife’s artwork in exchange for favors. (And we're not talking pennies here).

And seriously, after looking at those two samples of her work, can there be any doubt in anyone’s mind what the buyers were really buying for all that money?

You read it here (JoeSettler) first.


anonymous reader said...

Hi. You might want to fix the html in the link to treppenwitz on the right side of the page.

Also, any thoughts on the recent giyur controversy?

MAOZ said...

What's that stuff in the first picture? (Wait, no, maybe I don't want to hear the answer....) Anyway, someone should tell her to throw it in the waste basket; don't try to wash it down the sink 'cuz it'll clog the drains.

Rafi G said...

and speaking of links, how come I don't get a link in your blogroll???

JoeSettler said...

I have a blogroll!?

JoeSettler said...

to the first anonymous: "Politics"

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