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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
These past few days, one of my kids has been trying to teach my youngest child how to "behave" properly and how to speak English.

So something that is locked or sealed is now called "Pesach". A locked cabinet is "Pesach", a locked door is "Pesach".

When something shouldn't be touched (like his HIS ball, HIS toy, or HIS computer game) we hear, "No, it's Shabbat".

While it's cute, as a parent, I suspect we're really not getting the right message across to our kids about what the holidays are about.


Any advice?


Batya said...

It doesn't sound like Shabbat is understood. Good luck.

JoeSettler said...

Or he understands Shabbat all to well.

As in "No, stop turning off the lights in the bathroom, it's Shabbat", or "No, stop turning off the Shabbat setting on the fridge, it's Shabbat", and "No, we can't watch Mr. Incredible today, it's Shabbat".

Leora said...

You have to find some positives. Take away something during the week, something that he can only have on Shabbat.

I only serve lemonade on Shabbat. That's one example. I'm sure you can think of some.

JoeSettler said...

Leora: That's an interesting idea.

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