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Friday, March 26, 2010
According to all reports Obama is pushing Bibi to give up our sovereignty over Jerusalem, as only the US will decide where and what we can build in our own capital.

Obama is nothing more than a typical anti-Semitic anti-Zionist Leftist - but unfortunately with power.

One can hope that Bibi is strong enough to stand up against this evil decree..

This Pesach I hope Bibi reads his Hagaddah carefully, and he should know that we fully support him - if he makes the right decision.


Anonymous said...

Obama is not a friend of israel,


"As a pro-Israel Jew, I cannot and will not vote for Barack Obama in 2012"


Unknown said...

Obama’s sudden appearance in Afghanistan seemed to have caught us all by surprise. Unlike so many events that are trumpeted in the liberal media weeks in advance, this sudden visit seemed to have even caught his devoted propagandists by surprise. My wife had a different theory in light of last week’s crisis with Israel. She suggested that this whole trip was scheduled to meet with his Arab partners to continue conspiring on how they might manipulate Israel into making more concessions to the Palestinians. I thought it was an interesting theory so I looked up his itinerary, and wouldn’t you know it, he had this inconspicuous stopover in Kuwait on his way to Afghanistan . . . now isn’t that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Menachem Begin went mad. Shamir got done in by the elder Bush. And, Bill Clinton tossed Bibi, once before, into the cauldron. I don't think you have to threaten Bibi.

What the bamster wants is that Bibi's government falls. Or Ehud Barak (who couldn't get elected dog catcher, without Bibi. But who is, in fact, an excellent Defense Minister), is a hinge on this door. HE WON'T GO! Because he knows Livni would spit him out. And, he'd get NO portfolio.

Bibi knows that by "not getting any soup" in the White House, he is well ahead of Begin's State Dinner; which had him fold his tent like a cheap cardboard suitcase. Jimmy Carter won that round. (And, you had the experience of trading land with the Egyptian's. Who thought of Sadat as a half breed, anyway.)

Today, Hosni Mubarak barely made it out of Germany.

Stop worrying! Or else? Go and believe Sherlock in Dubai. When it comes to the press, meanwhile, the Mossad knows to "play it stupid." It's less trouble.

Did that TV ad run, where a supermarket dressed its actors to look like the passport pictures? You know, that's funny.

Anonymous said...

If you're worried about the bamster going to Afghanistan, you should read Thomas Friedman's piece in the NY Times (of all places!) He said the bamster made 3 mistakes. Starting with getting put over a barrel by Karzai. Who had the nut from Iran, in, just to poke out the eye of the US president. Pretty good article. (And, you bet. Bibi knows all about what's going on. And, wants to stay out of the line of fire.)

Unknown said...

As much about the kitchen cabinet as it is about the PM. guesstimates can be made who will stand strong, who will be opportunistic and who will fold. Given the evil seed we are dealing with, we must stand stronger than ever; we must raise the bar

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