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Monday, March 01, 2010
The Kinneret Color System is confusing. There's a red line, another red line, a black line, and probably a few others. It's probably a reflection of Israel initially setting the red line under which there isn't enough water to draw water from the Kinneret, and then when the water passed that red line, they set another red line, that said, OK, that first red line was just a warning, the next one is really important.  (Sort of the way Israel negotiates peace).

Anyway, with all the rain we've had, the water level has gone above the red line, which apparently is more like a yellow warning line. It hasn't reached the level where they open the sluice gates to prevent flooding (that's a few more meters higher). But all in all it's brought back the Kinneret to a level it hasn't seen in a long time, though it could use more.

I assume the aquifers (which no one is mentioning) are also in better shape too with all the rain we've been having.


Save The Kinneret said...

I am a little distressed by all the "good news -- the kinneret is up to the lower red line!" articles around. Yes, it is indeed good news that the kinneret is up, but it means that it is now up to the levels where we started panicking two years ago! We still need to save water and pray for rain! You can see a historical graph at

(There is more good news in that more and more desalination plants are coming on line, but they don't solve the whole problem yet)

jered@ Israeli Uncensored News said...

as i heard now after this winter its getting better, but it also has chance to dry up even more during the summer...she is so beautiful and i love her so much, its sad to see her dying...

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