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Monday, March 08, 2010
In his previous term, Bibi made a big deal out of reciprocity. Yet that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Right now, the good people of this country are suffering through Bibi's settlement freeze. And the funny thing is, Bibi has inadvertently created a perfect tool to fight the incitement and violence of the Palestinian Authority.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have noticed that the PA (and the family of organizations supported by the NIF) have been organizing and sponsoring more and more violent and dangerous protests throughout the country.

And as we get closer to "Peace Talks", Abbas and the PA raise their rhetoric, incitement, and violence.

Meanwhile it seems that Israel simply doesn't know how to respond to these threats at all. I mean, not at all.

Well here is one idea.

Israel should announce a new policy of reciprocity.

Anytime the PA praises, awards or promotes a terrorist, a new outpost should be built.

After every joint PA-Lefty protest another Yishuv should be allowed to build.

Put a price on their actions. And make it clear they are footing the bill.

Will Bibi do this? No.

So why suggest it?

Because this country is led by a bunch of frierim. We do and give up everything for a fake Peace and just get more violence and hate back. We're acting like a bunch of Turkish Jews.

Break the cycle people.


Sammy Shomron said...

They just announced Bibi's building 112 apartments in Beitar Ilit. Maybe someone is listening?

Neshama said...

You're right on!
Maybe signs should pop us around the PM's house, and near the Knesset about this!

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