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Sunday, March 14, 2010
There’s a lot of money in the Peace Business. There’s a lot of honor in the Peace Business. And there are a lot of ways to attack Jews in the Peace Business. The only thing missing in the Peace Business is Peace.

As Peace talks loom, approach, and are imposed on us from above, the one guarantee we have, and that we witness everyday, is that attacks on Jews will increase exponentially.

Peace is not the real goal of the Peace Business.

Consider who we are being asked to make Peace with.

Our options are either the religious Hamas who have vowed to destroy us, or nationalist Fatah who have vowed to replace us (but in much more polite language).

Just today Fatah (our “Peace Partners”) confiscated the home of Fahmi Shabaneh. Shabaneh exposed the tip of the iceberg on how the Peace Business works. He began to expose how much Peace money the PA (Abbas’s close friends) has embezzled and how corrupt it’s officials are.

For that act of treason, the PA confiscated his home and property.

Shabaneh was apparently hired by the PA and Abbas to dig up dirt on PA allies and opponents so the PA higher-ups could use it against them. But since the higher-ups are even more corrupt, it apparently wasn’t very difficult to gather information on everyone involved in the Peace Business and the PA in general.

I don’t know if Yishai’s announcement was planned with Bibi or not, but anything that stalls and delays the imposition of the Peace Business on us – is a good thing (besides that Jews building in Jerusalem is a good thing).


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