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Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Welcome back, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Pesach and is enjoying their Mimouna.

You probably all remember the Hebrew University study by the far-left Tal Nitzan that said IDF soldier simply don’t rape Palestinian women. Nitzan explained that this inexplicably absent war crime results from our racist society.

Turkish TV disagrees with Nitzan’s study. They ran a whole episode about IDF soldiers raping female Palestinian prisoners.

Ever since Turkey joined the Axis of Evil, government sponsored TV shows like this have become the norm.

But this time, Turkey crossed a line.

You see it’s one thing to show IDF soldiers killing Palestinian babies. That makes them martyrs and heroes.

It’s another thing to claim that Palestinian women are raped in Israeli prisons.

You see, the Turkish government has now destroyed the honor of every female terrorist in Israeli jails – and worse, the honor of their families.

What Palestinian will be able to say with pride that his dear wife Fatma, or his sweet daughter Miryam is sitting in an Israeli prison?

Everyone, after watching this episode of Turkish TV (seen throughout the Arab world), will immediately think, not about what act of anti-Zionist bravery the girl did to end up in an Israeli prison, but rather how she is likely to have been dishonored in the Israeli prison, and her family dishonored through her actions.

The Palestinians are also upset because the show depicts the raped girl being killed by her family (honor killing) once released – while unconnected to Jews and Israel, honor killings are well known and documented occurrences in Palestinian society - and since honor killings happen often enough, that would just reinforce the image.

To quote the Palestinians:

“Those who think that a Palestinian female prisoner is raped when she’s arrested are living in an illusion and are mistaken. There has never been such a case.

Nor have we heard of a Palestinian family that killed their daughter after her release.”

Can you imagine the suspicious looks going around this morning?

I’m glad we all set the record straight on this.


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