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Thursday, April 29, 2010
Egypt, our "Peace Partner" to the south again is raising the issue of Israel signing the NPT, the Nuclear non-Proliferation treaty.

Meanwhile, Egyptian soldiers freely shoot and murder Africans trying to cross from the Egyptian border to Israel's - not to protect Israel, but simply because they can, and can get away with it.

This week, reports say that Egypt gassed Palestinian smugglers in their tunnels, killing 4, injuring 6 more. I'm not going say "gas" and compare it to the Shoah and talk about Jewish sensitivities, because that is a ridiculous argument in my eyes.

What I am going to point out is that while most of the countries of the world have signed the Chemical Weapons Convention, Egypt stands out as one of the few countries who have not signed it, putting them in the company of North Korea and Syria.

And Egypt's action's this week prove more than ever how much Egypt is defying the international community, not only by stockpiling chemical weapons, but using them too.

And not only using chemical weapons, but if the Palestinians are to be believed (a separate question in of itself), deploying those chemical weapons against civilians, not military.

I would fully expect the UN and the Security Council to condemn Egypt.

And I fully expect to hear that Egypt will be asked to sign the CWC, destroy it's chemical weapons stockpile, and stop using them against civilians.
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