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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Ehud Barak and the government are sparing no expense to enforce the “Rule of Law” in Judea and Samaria, even to the point of breaking the law and looking stupid.

Ever since Bibi ordered the freeze (will you really vote Likud again?), Barak has had drones in the air photographing every single JEWISH town in Judea and Samaria.

At enormous expense these drones are sent out every 2 weeks (instead of to valuable security missions), and then the photo data is analyzed by Intelligence specialists (instead of reviewing Iranian satellite photos) to discover if any settler has dared to add an extension to a room, enclose a porch, or open a skylight.

This morning 50 Yassam troops burst into the town of Efrat to demolish the illegal foundation of a home that one of these settlers dared to build.

Barak caught the settlers by drone building the foundation, it was followed up by an on the ground inspection who confirmed that concrete had been laid down, and so Barak then sent in a bulldozer, pneumatic drills, and 50 policemen to destroy this evil edifice.

As the bulldozer drove onto the home’s foundation, the mere 1 inch thick concrete floor collapsed under it and the entire foundation was destroyed.

Oh. And here is the “Oops” part of all this.

They were not building a foundation for a home. The family will be celebrating a bar mizvah soon, and they decided to make a patio in their backyard and celebrate the bar mitzvah there.

Furthermore, the family had received permits to lay the concrete for a patio, and if Barak’s storm troopers and spies had bothered to examine the permits (do they know how to read?) they would have known that their actions today were both stupid and illegal.

Unfortunately, instead of fighting real enemies, whether in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Lebanon, or Iran, Barak is pulling important and limited resources off real danger points, and wasting them instead on the real heroes of this country.


Six months before elections the Barak-Bibi honeymoon is going to end badly. Barak will quit the government and fight it tooth and nail. Everything that Bibi trusted Barak with will be publicly aired. Bibi is going to learn real close about what it means to be deceived, and it will be far worse than what Bibi did to us voters just 1 year ago.


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