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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
I just got an email from WebAds and Nefesh B'Nefesh asking me to nominate a fellow blogger for a free round-trip ticket to Israel to go to the Jewish blogger convention.

You can see more here on the convention website.

My first thought was, who could I possibly convince to nominate me. But then I realized that that list couldn't possibly be very long, so I'm giving up on that idea.

Instead I decided to think about who deserves to be on the flight.

Jameel perhaps, but he was on it last year. I think it would be amusing to meet Dov Bear (and then smack him around a bit), but I doubt he'd emerge from his cave.

Then it hit me. SoccerDad.

It's not that I read his blog that often, but the guy has been at the forefront of pushing Jewish blogging - and has mentioned my blog in his Jewish blog carnivals more than once. If any Jewish blogger deserves a free trip to Israel to the blogger convention, I'd have to give him my vote.

(I'm still going to nominate a few other bloggers though).

I'm curious who Jameel will choose (pick me, pick me).


Aba said...

I don't have a blog so I can't nominate someone but I would like to suggest you nominate she is an unsung heroine who is trying to educate the Jewish world on topic it doesn't want to hear.
Kol Tuv,

Renegade said...

um, this is probably a stupid question, but why do you need a free trip to Israel if you're already there?

JoeSettler said...

It's round trip to NY for me.
While we now have a GAP here, we're still missing a few other key shops.

And I could see my family (perhaps that should have been listed first).

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