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Saturday, August 22, 2009
Is "Boogie" making a move to be Prime Minister, or is he just putting some needed pressure on Bibi, who's forgotten who put him in office and what direction he was supposed to steer the country?

The jury is still out, but Boogie certainly has the support of a lot of disgruntled Likud members and parliamentarians who feel that Bibi is letting the Obama pressure get to him.

Ruby Rivlin said it more nicely. He said Bibi grew up in a good house, he just needs to be occasionally reminded which house he grew up in.

Of course the problem with Boogie is the problem with almost any other Likud candidate. His value system is coming from old-fashioned Zionism, not Judaism, so at some point "pragmatism" will win out when push comes to shove.

But Bibi is certainly proving to be a big disappointment at the moment.

Do we give him another chance?


Shaul B said...

> Do we give him another chance?


Time to give faith-based leadership a chance. Moshe Feiglin for PM.

K. Shoshana said...

Certainly, Boogie knows of Bibi's sour grapes concerning Jewish leadership fraction in Likud, and Boogie more than likely spent more lost days watching Bibi plot and make plans to run the group out of the Likud...well, I call see it as Bogie placing Bibi in check. It certainly helps that the Mofaz Law works not only to bring Mofaz into the Likud fraction but it can also work to take the Likud out of Bibi's Coalition. But Bogie did get one thing wrong. Peace Now is not a virus as it hardly seems contagious.

Anonymous said...


It's a good idea to know your enemy. For instance, Israelis know arabs. This makes the IDF more efficient than say Americans would be. It just pays to know the ground on which you fight.

Bibi Netanyahu is in the public eye, far beyond Israel's shores. Obama is an enemy. But Israel can't attack this. Better to let Obama fail on his own. Which he is doing with speed that clocks faster than Jimmy Carter's downfall.

Meanwhile, Gadaffi goes to the UN. Obama is expected to be there. And, at some point, he's been trying to bring "green lines" with him. Bibi will be there, too.

If I had to guess? Bibi doesn't want to be blamed for "killing the peace process." If such a misfortune were to happen, Israel would be punished. And, Israel would be stuck in the "peace box."

Better to let Obama fail.

And, for Abbas, who never wants to have the "discussion" the UN seems to think works as a "2 state solution," means you're going to be made uncomfortable watching Bibi.

It's sort'a like looking into a window while the man is having sex with his wife. You'd be better off just looking away.

And, realizing Bibi's end goal is to protect Israel. And, let the slobs who deserve to lose, actually losing this battle.

That it makes you nervous? The other options are worse.

I have faith that OBama will try his fancy footsteps at the UN. While his poll numbers slip. And, at some point? Though he's only been in office 8 months; he can reach a tipping point, where he is hated so much, he can't politically recover.

Remember Jimmy Carter? Remember this. Jimmy Carter nearly cried in public when he had to sit through, in 1980, Ronald Reagan being sworn in. He never learned much about why he lost.

So, there's no "paperwork" for Obama to use to study what happens ahead, in the same mess. He just chose this. He thought he'd be very successful.

In my book Ted Kennedy took all the Kennedy luck down the hole. No need to say "good luck."

Anonymous said...


Thank you for running my comment, above. It's just "another day," here in the States. And, I wanted to let you know that Obama's popularity is spinning downward "into the toilet."

He's only been in office 8 months. But his downward spiraling is faster than any politician in recent American history.

And, just like in Israel, the media is in bed with their views on how the elites should run the world. In other words? You've got nothing out there in the media that actually supports common sense.

Bibi's not going to walk into a minefield! "Boogie?" He hasn't got a portfolio. He's got a smaller constituency than Bibi. And, he holds his chair as long as their isn't another forced election.

Back in March? Well Obama was sure he was going to get Bibi to collapse on stage; and Livni would become prime minister.

Personally, I don't bet horse races because it's a good way to lose your money. And, I don't predict the future, either.

But I know that Obama is in trouble on his health care bill. Cap-and-Trade. And, democraps are very concerned they can go the way of your Labor Party. Voters are kicking around a lot of people out there in the free world! The Japanese just tossed out a party that reined for 54 years! (Did Shimon Peres make a sympathy call?)

Merkel, in germany, watches as her conservative party is eroding. And, in England ... well, you know. Brown's continued presence as prime minister seems to be tottering on a shrinking base.

Oh. And, Gadaffi is coming to the UN. This was going to be "big" for Obama. He was going to drag in "green lines." And, the "body of despots" were going to rise up and chew Israel to pieces.

Well, the 'lyin' Obama has no teeth left. Or as the music lyrics go: "The lyin is having trouble sleeping tonight"

Why with the press so negative, and beyond help, is Israel's religious sector down into such a funk? Beyond me.

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