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Thursday, August 20, 2009
The New York Times reported on a Great Jewish Hero - who dares stand up to the evil Settlers and the Occupation. His name: Ezra Nawi from Jerusalem.

Nawi dares to buck the trend. He is the Robin Hood of the Palestinians, supplying them with food, clothing, and support.

He is supposedly a pacifist, but there are certainly means other than physical violence to cause problems, and obviously, the charges of his violence must be false. But that's a different legal case.

Because, oops, it's the support thing I mentioned earlier that may be the real problem.

Nawi is involved in a legal preceding against some settlers.

But the lawyers defending the Settlers noticed something strange. There was a section of Nawi's file that was sealed by the Defense Ministry.

After filing a petition to get the certificate of secrecy removed, the judge disclosed the secret contents.

The Ministry of Defense has determined that Nawi is a Hamas collaborator (unlike Hamas, Israel doesn't shoot collaborators).

I guess that would make him a real hero of the Left.


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